a visit to Gotham Quilts

On our way to The Netherlands we spent two days in New York City. Flying out of JFK was a big savings for our family, as opposed to traveling from airports near our home. Plus, we liked the idea of getting a peak at New York.

Although a good idea in theory, in practice our time in New York wasn’t so grand. We had terrible luck with our train from South Carolina to New York, which was delayed over 6 hours due to a freight car derailment. After the hustle and emotional toll of moving out of our home, saying goodbye to family and friends and a 24 hr + journey to New York, we weren’t in the best state of mind to enjoy the great city.

I think we spent more time getting places than being anywhere in particular, and lots of the time I was a bit on edge because meeting the needs of a potty-training toddler isn’t so easy in the subway or in great big museums. Hands down, my favorite stop was Gotham Quilts.


As soon as we entered the shop, I breathed easier. The space felt welcoming and familiar, such a contrast to most of the city. I suppose I felt I belonged, that I was with my tribe. Isn’t that one of the reasons we sew? For community. It’s easy to see that Gotham Quilts is on a mission to build up the quilting community in New York City. Above their counter is a schedule packed with sewing classes of every kind, from newbie lessons to socials to chances to learn with big names like Carolyn Friedlander.

Gotham window.jpg
Gotham Classes.jpg

Naturally, I was drawn to the fabrics. Oh my, what loveliness! I haven’t been in a nice quilt shop for way too long. Seeing it all in person made it so hard to accept that our baggage was full to the brim, both by weight and volume. If only I had room for some stowaways!

Gotham Quilts fabric.jpg

I was drawn to Giucy Giuce. The colors are so vibrant!

Giucy Giuce.jpg

And also to this collection by Amy Friend, called “By Hand”. It looks just right for summer - colorful, airy and joyful. With the full spectrum of shades, you could make a beautiful rainbow picnic blanket!

By Hand Amy Friend.jpg

And look - Mariner Cloth! This stuff has been such a hit, but I hadn’t yet seen it myself. What a great texture! This would be super fun for garment-making for Elora.

Mariner cloth.jpg

While I perused new-to-me fabrics, Liam wondered around noticing Gotham’s New York City specials. That boy loved his time in New York, traffic and noise notwithstanding. He is drawn to city life, and anything else new, like a magnet. Gotham has unique New York City fabrics, a popular New York Neighbors project kit and that stunning Skyline Panel (below, right) that would make a fantastic shower curtain or quilt back. I can’t find the panel online, but I’m sure Gotham could help you with that if you inquire. Andrea said they don’t have quite everything available online, but close!

NY quilting.jpg
Rachel + fabric.jpg
Skyline fabric.jpg
Geranium patterns.jpg
Bernina at Gotham.jpg

What a resource for sewists! I’m glad Gotham Quilts has made this oasis for quilters in the midst of the bustling city. If I make my way back to New York sometime, I’ll be sure to return, but with some room in my luggage!

Thanks, Andrea, for letting me poke around. It’s been wonderful to have Gotham Quilts as a Stitched in Color sponsor for many years. Here’s to many more to come!


Rachel Hauser