Welcome, Fenceline Fabrics!

Did you spy my new sponsor, Fenceline Fabrics? I found them when I was shopping for Cotton & Steel fabrics for my Drummer Boy Dresden quilt. They do have a fab selection of Cotton & Steel, but also a whole ethos to love!

Fenceline Fabrics provides a thoughtful selection of high quality, sustainable fabrics online. The store is the brainchild of Liv, who grew up on a homestead just outside of Manhattan, Kansas. Liv was raised by creative, can-do folks. She says, “Making things, fixing things, and giving things new life is where my business and my life roots itself.” She set out to make Fenceline Fabrics a fabric store that takes care of people.

We’re definitely not perfect, but the goal is to always be offering better quality fabrics and finding better sources, while treating the planet and its people better too.

We have a small staff of amazing people and we want this job to be just one healthy part of a balanced life. Our goal is to make sure we have a fun and fair workplace so your fabric will be full of good energy.

Thank you for supporting a few great folks in Kansas, USA
— Fenceline Fabrics
Fenceline staff

Fenceline staff

True to Liv’s roots, Fenceline Fabrics stocks fair trade goods, organic cotton, organic linen and high quality designer quilting fabrics. The selection is thoughtful and so well-curated. I so enjoyed the shopping experience and the simple way the fabrics were packaged. That’s why I reached out to see if they might like to sponsor!

Fenceline Fabrics is a well-designed online store, where you can shop by color, designer, fabric type and more. Most fabric is sold by the yard, but they also offer a few custom bundles, mostly of organic fabric sorted by color.

You can find Fenceline on Instagram too or shop in person in Manhattan, KS.

And, check this out! They have a sister store called  A Thrifty Notion where you can find second hand, vintage and dead stock fabrics. I’ve never heard of a fabric thrift store. That’s so cool!

I have a deep appreciation for the history and quality of old things. I believe that using what you have until it falls apart and then fixing it once again, is a skill. If you must buy something new, buy the best quality, so it will last. That’s what Fenceline Fabrics is about. It’s a small shop, but it has things that are sustainably well-made.
— Liv

Thank you for choosing to partner with Stitched in Color, Liv. I’m so glad to welcome Fenceline Fabrics and have the opportunity to share your business with my readers!



To celebrate our new partnership, Fenceline Fabrics is giving away a Background Sparkle bundle to one lucky reader! If you happen to live internationally, you’ll receive a same-value gift certificate instead. Add your comment here now through noon EST on Monday, May 27th for your chance to win.

Comments closed. The lucky winner is Cat Crain. I’ll be in touch!