Start with a Finish!

Are you curious about longarm quilting? If you’ve been on the fence about sending a quilt out to be quilted, now’s the time to make the leap. It’s a great feeling to start the New Year with a finish! My latest Starburst Stars quilt is fresh off the frame.

Quilted Starburst Star quilt. Stitched in Color.jpg

How do you know if you have a good candidate for longarm quilting? Maybe one of these scenarios sounds familiar…

  1. You’ve been putting off quilting it because it’s so special to you. You’re afraid of messing it up!

  2. It’s been living in your closet for ages. Let’s be real - you might never get to it.

  3. You’re on a deadline (or, oops, the holidays already passed!), so you’d like to get it finished asap.

  4. It’s ginormous and quilting it might actually cause injury (this has happened to me) or in fact be impossible on your home machine.

  5. You’d rather start the next quilt!

Well, friends, my quilting rack is empty and turn-around time is lighting fast. Let’s start your new year with a quick finish! For one week only, save $20 off any quilting service order at Stitched in Color! Use code “JUMPSTART” at checkout.

Giveaway winners!

Today I also get to announce two winners from my holiday giveaways. Drumroll please…

#1 Angled Course giveaway - Fi Hocking

#2 another Angled Course giveaway (just for fun!) - AltaKitty

#3 Uncorked fabric giveaway - Jennifer Bolf

I’ll be contacting all winners today via email. Congratulations + Enjoy!

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