win a Sew Steady Extension Table!

Imagine my response when my sponsor Sew Vac Direct asked if we could do an extension table giveaway? Um, yes! If any of my readers don’t have an extension table, I’d love to help fix that. Seriously, if you’re quilting at home without an extension table, you’re not doing yourself any favors. This is a great item to add to your wish list, stat.

My only concern… will it fit? I mean, you have sewing machines in all kinds of brands and models. However could we do a giveaway of a sewing machine extension table?

Well, did you know they make them to order? Yes, for real! Sew Steady extension tables are super deluxe models that are custom made to your machine’s dimensions. That means a perfect fit every time. Problem solved!

Sew Steady Extension Table

I remember when I upgraded to my awesome Juki sewing machine that came with an extension table. It felt like such luxury to quilt with the table in place, taking over some of the grunt work of moving the quilt. If my machine didn’t come with a table, I probably would have talked myself out of buying one. Surely it’s a luxury I don’t need. Wrong! If quilting is your hobby, making the process more enjoyable makes all the sense. By bringing the quilt up to the level of the sewing needle, an extension table saves your arms and shoulders from strain, making it easier to quilt smoothly and with pleasure.

Quilting Posture. Stitched in Color

Maybe you already have a sewing machine extension table, but it’s wobbly or a little on the small size. Sew Steady tables come in several sizes. The large model provides 18” x 24” of work space. If you have room, it’s always a good idea to go up in size. There’s an extra-large model that measures 22.5” x 25.5” and a giant table that’s 24” x 32”.

Sew Steady Table from Sew Vac Direct.jpg

Sew Steady tables have built-in accessory trays that mount under the table and rulers printed on the table for quick reference. They’re made of top quality acrylic, built to last. Another unique feature is Circles Sewing set up. You have to watch the video to really get it, but the bottom line is the tables are designed to help you quilt smooth circles or arches (like baptist fan), in a large variety of diameters. Very cool.


One lucky reader will get to order a custom Sew Steady table in whichever size work space is desired. For your chance to win, add a comment to this post now through noon EST on October 17th. Winners must have a U.S. mailing address, please. Thanks Sew Vac Direct for sponsoring this giveaway!

Good luck, friends!

Congratulations to Shannon Lowe, the winner of this Sew Vac Direct giveaway! I’ll be in touch by email, Shannon. Enjoy!