Rainbow Picnic Sew-Along

I was so glad to learn through my recent survey that you still enjoy sew-alongs.  I do too!  I had the impression that people had moved on, but I too enjoy the feeling of making alongside others, even virtually, and the way a sew-along segments a project into bite-sized amounts.  So, let's do it! 

beach riot quilt 009lg.jpg

This month I hope you'll sew-along to make a quick and easy picnic blanket.  It makes a great gift, if you're thinking ahead for the holidays, especially for college-bound young adults or families.  We use our picnic blanket all the time!  Our sew-along design is batting-free, so not really a quilt.  If you'd like to ease your way into quilt-making, this is a great first project.  We're skipping all the more challenging steps (basting, binding, quilting) and just making some very practical patchwork. 

The fun is in the colors!  It's All Colors In for this rainbow blanket.  And don't worry, I'll lead the way on arranging the colors for a beautiful rainbow blend!

What is it?

Finished blanket measures 68" square.  Composed of 81 squares, each cut 8" square.  Sewn from 20 rainbow-hued fat quarters, details to come.  Includes an attached tie for tidy storage on-the-go.  I've made a rainbow version in solids before, but this time I'm using prints!

Can I Customize?

Absolutely!  Maybe your giftee would prefer masculine blues, grays and browns.  Maybe you'd rather make a clashy bright blanket with all your novelty prints.  Have at it!  You can sew-along with any fabrics you like. 


This blanket is so simple you really could make it in one day.  But, since we're all busy, let's spread it out into super manageable chunks:

  • Supplies - June 29th

  • Cutting + Layout - July 7th

  • Sew Patchwork + Backing - July 12th

  • Finish - July 17th

I'll host a link party with each of July's Picnic posts so you can share your progress along the way.  If you're so inclined, you can also share on Instagram with #RainbowPicnicSewAlong

Let me know if you have any questions as we get organized?  Otherwise I'll be back tomorrow with a detailed supplies list.  You won't want to miss the color examples to help guide your rainbow!