Batting + Thread

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Quilter's Dream Select in Natural

Quilter's Dream batting is made in America.  The Natural Select is a 100% cotton batting free of scrim, glues or other binders.  Quilter's Dream uses fine USA grown cotton that is carded, crosslapped and specially needlepunched to create a quality batting.  This stable, low-loft batting will not shift, bunch or beard.  It has a gorgeous drape!  Your quilt can be machine washed and dried.

Quilter's Dream Special Orders

Natural Select batting is included with purchase.  We will also special order the Quilter's Dream batting you prefer for a reasonable fee:  

  • White Select (for bright white quilts)
  • Black Select (for dark quilts)
  • Wool (air dry only)
  • Orient (blend of silk, bamboo, cotton + tencel)


Longarm quilting threads

Superior Threads

We use several types of threads by Superior Threads.  Each one is designed for longarm quilting with 100% polyester content for durability.  I prefer So Fine thread as it creates a fine, 50 wt stitch that blends beautifully with a cotton-look matte finish.  See my quilting thread review for more details.


Currently, we use:

  • So Fine
  • Omni
  • Magnifico