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Monday, December 9, 2013

Things to Note

No. 1 - do. Good Stitches quilt pool

The topmost thing to note is that tomorrow is the very day upon which I will open the do. Good Stitches 2013 finished quilt pool.  This is a festive, happy space for our dandy year-end celebration. Details here

No. 2 - pajamas, hurrah!

This weekend I did indeed finish those pajamas.  Though it's a very cloudy day, we did manage to snap some shots first thing this morning.

Bedtime Story pjs

The poor babies wanted to get on with their day and hit the books, but captain blogging mama cajoled a few smiles.

in Ann Kelle Park Play

I made Aria (just turned 9) a size 8 and Liam (almost 7) a size 6.  As you can see they have plenty of length in both.  My children are average sized and slender.  I think this pattern, Bedtime Story pajamas by Oliver & S, runs roomy, which is nice for pajamas!

button closure this year

Look, button closure!  We opted against ties this year.  This will be easier for Aria to manage and more durable as well.

in Ann Kelle bermuda owls

Oh, and as I feared, Liam decided when all was said and done that he did want a matching flannel top after all.  Oops, I should trusted my instincts and ordered more flannel from Fat Quarter Shop!  Our prints are both by Ann Kelle.

all done, Mama

Mm, I love the way that Shelburne Falls print trims up Aria's choice of flannel. 

No. 3 - Fabricy Goodness

One final thing to note for all fabric lovers...

pretties from Sew Love Fabrics

Late last week happy mail arrived!  I bought a few Anna Maria Horner lovelies from Sew Love Fabrics, including Dowry and some misc. older prints.  She often has a nice stock of older Anna Maria.  I'll be adding these to the Sawtooth Stars quilt-in-progress.

essentials from Lark Cottons

I also received this purchase from Lark Cottons.  I couldn't pass up restocking Comma Periods in chalk.  Have I mentioned I kind of like that fabric?  Addicted is more like it.  Somehow I talked myself down to just 2 yards.  I usually buy 1/2 yards, and it's hard to indulge.   Also got more of my favorite teal print and some other restocks of useful fabrics.  Notice that Heather pinks the edges when cutting orders at Lark.  Such a nice touch.

Have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

::Giveaway:: from Fat Quarter Shop!

It's that time of year again - flannel time!  As the temperature drops and holiday mornings loom near, I start plotting to making new pajamas for my kids.  Since learning to sew I have been so happy to be able to make flannel pjs for the kids without unhealthy flame retardant treatments.   Yep, you can't buy these chemical-free babies in the stores! 

flannel from Fat Quarter Shop

This time I let my kids choose their pajama flannel from the huge selection at Fat Quarter Shop.  (I've been known to make them in secret for Christmas Eve surprises.  But, well, Anna Maria Horner didn't release flannel this year, so... shrug, this is the time to let the kids choose.)  Apparently my kids are big Ann Kelle fans.  Aria chose this Rainbow Park Play print and Liam chose the Staggered Owls, "to match my quilt!"   Awww... even at 6, he's still cute. 

Ann Kelle flannel for pjs

Once again I'm returning to the Oliver & S Bedtime Story pajama pattern.  When I bought my paper copy of this pattern years ago it was really hard to find.  Happily the company re-released it in PDF downloadable form.  Awesome.  You can buy yours at Pink Chalk Fabrics in sizes 6 months - 3T or sizes 4-8. The pdf version is my preference anyways, since you can print out the sizes you need and not worry about spoiling the tissue paper pattern.

cutting Bedtime Story pjs

So, flannel... pjs... are you in?  Would you like to win some from Fat Quarter Shop?  You can choose any flannel in stock, like

Cat in the Hat - such a happy classic

Fanfare - this mama's personal favorite

or one of the MANY prints available by Ann Kelle

No shortage of options.  Even conservative flannels for really mature adults (wink).

Enter to win by adding your comment to this post.  One entry per person.  Our winner will receive 3 Yards of flannel from Fat Quarter Shop in your choice of 1-2 cuts.  So you could get 3 yards all in one print or choose 2 prints in your preferred cuts, so long as your total yardage is 3 yards.   Winner will be randomly drawn on Friday afternoon, Eastern time.  Good luck!

*********Comments Closed*********

Our winner is commenter #103, Niki of Stringer Family Antics.  I've sent you an email, Niki!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Folks nightgown

Look, I made a nightgown!

Little Folks nightgown

Don't worry, it's not for me.  It's for Aria.  Directions:  one yard voile from Pink Chalk Fabrics mixed bravely with this nightgown tutorial and lots of luck.  Not quite sure how it happened!

going for it!

The tutorial is kind of a feel-your-way kind without much measuring and no sizing pointers for an older child.  Although it took some gumption to even get started, once I did I was kind of glad to be feeling it out instead of consulting a screen.  It was fun.  But, well, it was fun because it worked and sometimes "feeling" doesn't work, so again I say it - lucky.

Little Folks voile is a silky, lightweight cotton fabric that's 54" wide.  I used the full width of the fabric to go around her body.  It was a yard cut, so I trimmed about 6" off lengthwise to keep it from being too long.  Aria (8 years old) wanted a long nightgown and I was going for "full body" since this fabric is somewhat see-through.  The 54" x 30" rectangle was just full enough.  Other than that, all I can say is consult the tutorial and go for it!

French felled seam

Oh, and I did the side seams with French felled seams, cause my brain was working.  Woohoo!

Little Folks nightgown

Do you think she likes it?

Little Folks nightgown

So does Susan.  Or Susan really likes her?

made in Little Folks voile

Probably her...   probably.

a girl's nightgown

Yeah, it's love.

Little Folks nightgown

But I broke them up so you could see how it falls.  Voile is an ideal fabric for nightgowns.  Pink Chalk has a great selection of voiles on sale!  I'm thinking about using voiles for my dining room curtains as well, since light and airy would be perfect.

Liam wants to model too...

The moment I'm done, it's all about Susan again.  And, Liam also wants to point out he has mad modeling skills.  Noted.

Friday, January 4, 2013

you Silly

Sometimes lists are silly.  Like when you finally confront your little one's bare wrists and ankles protruding from his too-small pajamas, and instead of adding pajamas to "the list" you just pull out some flannel and start cutting.


Everything about making these was easy and make-do.  Flannel remnants on hand?  Check.  Pattern pieces already cut out?  Check.  Pattern directions actually make sense?  Oliver & S., so check, check (obviously).  Elastic for waistband on hand?  Uh, err, wait for it.  Sewing elastic scraps together.....


enjoying the fruit

Now Liam's enjoying the fruits of my labor, fresh off the needle!  And, yes, I totally cheated.  Pajama pants are so quick, but pajama tops... not so much.  Add a sweatshirt and call it a day.

new PJ's... Stat.

A good day.



P.S.  We're taking both our sillies to Disney next week courtesy of the in-laws.  Their first time!  I've got some things scheduled and will also post live if we manage to take any good photos.  Tomorrow's an 8-hour drive.  Wish us luck!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas-y {quilts and all}

Come down from that sugar high yet?  Yeah, I have some backups in reserve for later tonight ;)  But, really, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  My favorite part was sneaking over to grandma's house as a family just before bed to deliver daddy-made cedar reindeer in the dark.  Brandon made a buck and doe for both sets of grandparents, and it was so great to be able to really delight them with an unexpected gift this year!  And the kids were sooooo quiet as we crept across the lawn.  It was priceless!

Christmas pjs

I thought of you on Christmas morning, trying to catch a picture of my littles in their mama-made pj's, but no luck. Here's Liam this morning drawing while mom and dad caught up on our sleep.  I'll get one of the two of them eventually.  Happily, the pjs fit perfectly!  But, I'm not so sure about those kimono ties.   Aria has trouble keeping them from falling out.  I may just outfit hers with buttons eventually.

Here are some snapshots from our Christmas day:

Aria and kitty Susan

Christmas toys

Christmas gifts <3

Brandon very sweetly tried to surprise me with something not on my wish list, but when a box came from "Anna Maria Horner" for Brandon, well, I had a pretty good idea what might be inside. And I was not a bit disappointed on Christmas morning!

our family

So here we are on Christmas day underneath our new jumbo Christmas-y quilt.  Yeah!  At 76" x 58" it's truly, really big enough for all!  I'm so glad I plunked down the cash for the flannel ta dot backing too.  Really makes it cuddly!

Finished Christmas-y quilt

You can see here that I put together a really simple patchwork pattern with large cuts and lots of saturated colors.  I love how the Amy Butler wallflower prints contrast with those Kaffe Fassett stripes, and it's all pulled together with Meet the Gang by Marisa of Creative Thursday for Andover (in stock at Whipstitch, The Intrepid Thread, Sew Modern and Hawthorne Threads).

in Meet the Gang by Marissa of Creative Thursday

My original plan was to put some curves spliced through this quilt, but that plan changed for a number of reasons.... one being I wanted it done by Christmas and liked it this way quite well enough!

diamond quilting!

Even though I knew I wanted diamonds, I almost wimped out on the quilting remembering what trouble I'd had trying to make diamonds on Aria's voile and double gauze Fairytale Patchwork quilt. But, I gave it a go using a hera marker to mark all of my quilting lines before basting.  I was really, really, really pleased with how easy it was to quilt, even being so large.  No pins (I spray baste) and no need to stop and mark as I went = gleeful quilting, at last!

wrapped up in newsprint

I showed my daddy on Christmas day, when they were over to celebrate, that I'd bound my Christmas-y quilt with newsprint fabric because it reminds me of how he'd wrap our presents in newspaper and we'd know those were the ones Dad bought all by himself just for us.  The binding is made with two Hometown by Sweetwater prints intermixed.  I think it lends a modern vibe to this funny mix of sweet characters, rich hues and bold prints. But the binding used up almost all of my Hometown, which is in stock at Pink Castle and Fresh Modern Fabrics.  I know because I've added them to my Etsy-wish-to-buy favorites!

So, yes, a Merry Christmas was certainly had in our snug little home.  Thank-you for your kind well-wishes!  I'm off to hunt down some leftover sweets. See you soon!

Monday, December 19, 2011

making merry

The second time around is always, always easier.

Oliver & S Bedtime Story Pajamas

This weekend I finished Liam's Oliver & S Bedtime Story pajamas.  The kids crack me up, because I worked on these right in front of them, but they're so used to seeing me sew all the time that they barely register what I'm doing.  Liam asked like once what I was making with that Cat in the Hat flannel (which he l.o.v.e.s. - got it from Fat Quarter Shop!), but his only guess was a stocking.  A really, really big stocking....?  Right.  When they were playing outside, I raced through the finishing steps that would have surely given the pajamas away.

Liam loves Cat in the Hat

Anyhoo, I'm pretty jazzed with how the Punctuation Tutor Stripe trim gives them a very masculine, kind of handsome vibe.  Cause Cat in the Hat is so grown-up, ya know?  Wink.

 with Tudor Stripe trim

I opted for button closure for Liam, who at almost-5 isn't quite proficient at ties.  He could knot them up like anything, mind you, but the untying...  That would be my job.  I hope the buttons won't be uncomfortable.  Oh, and I ended up making his PJ's in size 4 and Aria's in size 6.  So with both kids I chose a full size smaller than their age.  Can't wait to discover on Christmas Eve how they fit!  I'll be sure to snap a picture then.

Aria's latest project

Speaking of pictures, I humbly agree that I was seriously amiss to let pass my chance to photograph miss kitty Susan in her new coat of knitted glory.   I will be on the lookout to make amends.  In the meantime, please note Susan lounging in her little cradle, complete with fuzzy friends, pillow, blanket... the whole works.  Yes, it is nap time for miss Susan while Aria works on her first ticker tape quilt.  She saw mommy basting a quilt on the floor with masking tape and got the idea to tape down her quilt top in progress.  Nice.

Sweetwater binding

I'm adding some Sweetwater binding to my Meet the Gang quilt this week.  If you recall it is a Christmas-y quilt, so we're just in the nick of time with that one!  Perhaps this newsprint-esque fabric is a little odd, definitely unexpected binding choice? I've received some puzzled looks from my clan.

Meet the Gang in process

Ah well, the binding cake is in my eyes so lovely to behold.  Don't you love the crisp, cut edges of a finished, quilted top and the promise of rolled binding?  Yum!

Merry, merry sewing to all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

flannel kisses

project jam #2

This weekend I set out to turn some soft, squishy flannel into cozy pajamas.  I was craving a change of pace and had just received my copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick - clearly a sign that it was time to make some clothes.

in Colette Sewing Handbook

Well, I definitely learned some things about myself in the process.  Let's see...

First off, the Oliver & S Bedtime Story Pajamas pattern was wonderful.  So wonderful!  Two years ago I made the kids pjs from a Simplicity pattern and really decided then and there that I would never, ever, ever sew clothes again. Granted, that was my first go at clothes and I hadn't a clue at all, but it was a tremendously stressful experience.  Now, I'll admit that I relived a bit of that when wrestling with my options for tracing the Oliver & S pajama pattern so as to preserve all 5 sizes included on one ginormous tissue paper.  Why don't they include more than one tissue paper so that you can just cut each size out as needed?  I mean, these patterns aren't cheap and tissue paper is... I think?  I turned to The Colette Sewing Handbook for suggestions and didn't come up with any ideas that were available to me that night.  So, I threw caution to the wind and cut the tissue paper in the largest size I'd be sewing this year (basically feeling that I'd never sew pajamas again anyways, because What Was I Thinking!).  At least the Colette book reminded me to iron the silly tissue paper and that pattern weights (like my camera and scissors) would be so much easier than pinning.

how to mark pattern dots

Really, once I got past cutting the tissue paper pattern pieces to size, the rest of the process went smoothly.  I did a good job transferring all markings and cutting my pieces thanks to suggestions in the Colette book.  Before this I never had a good technique for transferring the dot markings, for example.  The Colette Sewing Handbook suggested placing a pin through the dot in the tissue paper and then using a marking tool to mark around the pin insert point on both sides of the cut fabric.  Worked quite nicely!

in Colette Sewing Handbook

All in all it was really nice, as a beginner, to have the Colette book on hand.  It's not that Oliver & S was lacking in key information, it's just that as a newbie I don't even know my options.  Take seam finishes, for example.  Last time I made the kids pjs, I think I completely skipped seam finishes (or just pinked a few edges).  The whole pattern was like a foreign language to me and the thought of adding the "extra" step of finishing seams seemed like a cruel joke.  Many washings later, I totally get the point.  The Colette Sewing Handbook had a nice how-to section on seam finishing options that made me feel in control.

Aria Pjs overcast seam finish

In the end I went with an overcast stitched edge.  I think it looks dandy, and hope it holds up well.

sewing the kimono sleeves

When cutting pieces for Aria's Bedtime Story Pajamas, miserable memories of sewing those pjs two years ago almost had me skipping the pajama top altogether.  I mean, you can always just sew pants (those are easy), buy a t-shirt and applique some fabric on it to make a set of pajamas.  But, that kimono style top is so darling...  I'm so, so, so glad I persevered because the Oliver & S top design is incredibly easy to sew.  My favorite part was finishing the sleeve seams and side seams with one long right angle stitch line. 

Oliver & S Bedtime Story Pajamas

Hip, hip, hurray for straight lines!

in Diamond Mine flannel by AMH

I love how her pajamas turned out!  The flannel is Diamond Mine from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks collection.  It's trimmed with Hugs & Kisses in Candy, also by Anna Maria.  I happen to know from experience that Anna's flannel holds up very well over time, staying nice and thick and warm.  I can't wait to see how these look on her, but they're stashed away for now until Christmas Eve!

Aria Christmas pjs

So, remember how I said that I learned some things about myself?  Well, while making these pajamas and taking breaks to read The Colette Sewing Handbook here and there, I came to realize that I am a quilter.  Shocking right?  But hear me out.  I love to make quilts, the easy ones and the hard ones.  The ones for people and the ones for no reason.  The ones that take forever and have to be fixed and finally turn into something I can appreciate at the end.  I don't always love every minute of the process, but overall I'm motivated to do it and I don't actually care that it takes quite awhile.

I so don't feel that way about making clothes.  I don't want them to be hard.  There is only a limited amount of time I want to spend making them.  And, also, I don't particularly aspire to be able to make myself a tailored, awesomely fit garment.  I mean, at first I thought that would be cool, but now I see that I just don't have the passion to take me there at this time in my life.  It's a whole ton of work to get there! 

in Colette Sewing Handbook

Sewists that are ready for that rode take a pattern as a starting point, make a muslin (wearable or not), make adjustments to the pattern and repeat, repeat, repeat until they're thrilled.  They also probably want a dress form.  I, on the other hand, just want to open a pattern like these Bedtime Story Pajamas, cut out one size, follow the directions and come out with a fabulous item all in one go! 

Clarity is key.  If you do feel passionate about learning to make yourself beautiful, well-fit clothing, I think The Colette Sewing Handbook is an awesome place to start.  Sarai Mitnick's writing is clear, friendly and illustrated so well with in-process photographs. 

in Colette Sewing Handbook

Plus, this dress is one of the included patterns!  And, if you want to make "easy" clothes for kids (whose lack of curves make for a quick fit), the Colette book is also a nice extra reference for navigating your options or unscrambling way-too-brief directions that you'll find in some patterns.  For myself, I think I need to look in the direction of knits.  Knits have that stretch that helps a pattern accommodate more shapes and also create a finished look that I like.

I recently pinned this quick tutorial for making a dress from a simple knit top.  I love how the author really threw the dress together.  That's the attitude I hope to take this spring with dress-sewing season gets in my blood again!
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