Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sewing Machines for Stitched Workshops!

Would you like to come sew with us at the improv piecing Stitched Workshop this spring, but you didn't want to attempt travel with your sewing machine?  Well, I have some great news!

spring has sprung here!

Thanks to my partnership with SewVacDirect.com, I now have six snazzy sewing machines to offer as rentals!!!  I have two Juki TL2010Q's and four Janome HD3000's.  These just happen to be the two very machines I've used and recommended at Stitched in Color, so I couldn't be happier to offer them to students!

FMQ Continuous Eight tutorial

The Juki TL2010Q is the sewing machine I use every day. In fact, one attendee has already laid claim to my own machine!  I won't be sewing during the workshop, of course, so I was happy to lend it out.   The Juki is a powerful home sewing machine ideal for quilters, with an 8.5" harp space, knee lift, automatic needle down and pedal-activated thread cutters, to name a few fantastic features.  If you're shopping for a sewing machine upgrade, I enthusiastically recommend the Juki!

review and giveaway

The Janome HD3000 is a machine I tested for an extended period in my home in 2013.  I wanted to be able to recommend an entry level sewing machine to someone new to our hobby or on a tighter budget.  Since the HD3000 is not computerized, it's built to last.  In 2014 one of my local friends bought the Janome HD3000 from Sew Vac Direct on my recommendation.  She's been sewing with it almost daily since then and is still pleased with her purchase. In fact, she thought it'd be a great model for my rental needs!

You can read my original descriptions of these two machines here:  Juki TL2010Q and Janome HD3000.  Both are available at Sew Vac Direct, who offers excellent mail-in warranty service and extended warranties too, if you'd like the extra reassurance of their ongoing support.

Design {Improv Handbook Score #2}

Our workshop will welcome eight students total, so six rental machines is almost enough for everyone.  If you're driving to the event, I encourage you to bring your own machine, if possible, so we have enough to go around.  The weekend rental fee is $30 for the Janome and $45 for the Juki.  First come, first served!  Register for the workshop, selecting your machine rental preference at the same time.

Need more details?  Here is the full Stitched Workshop: Improv Round Robin description.  We're still a small group, so here's hoping YOU will be joining us!


  1. Congrats! on getting the machines for use at your workshops. Happy stitching (to your students!!)

  2. After reading about your experience with this machine in previous posts, I decided to upgrade to a Juki TL2010Q a few months ago. I couldn't be any happier! I'm a FMQ novice, but it is SO much easier with the Juki than with my well-worn Necchi! The Juki works as well for piecing and ordinary sewing as it does for machine quilting, too.

    1. Anne, I am sooooo glad you are pleased! I too felt that the Juki made FMQ so much easier. Without this machine I might still dread FMQ =) I hope you continue to enjoy!

  3. To not worry about flying with your machine is such a deal! Wish I could be there, but life had claims on that time before I learned about this. Green with envy here.

  4. Just have to chime in on the attributes of the Janome HD3000.
    I love mine! Wanted a good, sturdy, mechanical machine. This fits the bill.
    Enjoy your sewing retreat ladies:).

  5. yay!! such good news! i'm still waiting to see if i can swing this. =)

  6. If only I had a hovercraft to get across the Pacific ocean. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Xxo


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