Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cathedral Windows winners!

Hello, hello!  Today I've been working on cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room so I can finally stitch again.  Phew!  I'm taking a break to congratulate the two winners of our Cathedral Windows mosaic contest!  You were so enthusiastic in your response to the finalists and the voting was very evenly distributed, but these two received the most votes...

Leadlights by Adrianne of On the Windy Side

{Fabrics}  Line 1:   Kaffe Pods Wine, Cirrus Solids Amber, Doe Sage
Line 2
Cirrus Solids Lagoon, Kaffe Heat Wave Tomato, Gold Bugs
Line 3: 
Rotary Club Onions, Tula Wildfire Sapphire, Cirrus Solids Iris

twilight dream

Twilight Dream by Annabelle Gardner

{Fabrics}  Line 1:   Petite Garden Floral, Enchanted Pines Starry Night, Graphite Shimmer
Line 2:  Floragraphix Magenta, Tula Eden Atlas, Grunge Basics Sapphire
Line 3:  Tula Daisy Buds, Willow Basics Indigo, Tula Happy Dot

Congratulations to our winners who will receive their bundles in fresh, delicious cotton real soon!  A great big thanks to The Loopy Ewe for sponsoring our fun.

Thanks to all of you for participating with your mosaics and your votes!


  1. Eek! Well deserved winners! Congratulations to both!

  2. Thank you everyone! And a big thank you to Loopy Ewe and Rachel :)

  3. Great winners choices.
    yay for winning fabric!
    Yesterday I went upstairs to bed exhausted and knew I had spelled Elora's name wrong.

    I remembered when I lived at home, as a kid with mom and dad and my siblings. We used to say "Allora!" kind of like, "so, what is the next thing?"

    It is sunny and very windy here. I think winter is coming back.


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