Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}

Slow down a minute, my friend, and ponder with me in color...

All the colors dance with splendor as light streams in from cathedral windows. Sharp, refracting beams collapsing into a most delightful whole.  As we raise our faces towards the heavens, we find each beauty outlined by grief, each sacred motif framed in shadows. 

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}
cathedral window, quilt by Susan Wessels, fabric stack, trees, monarchs

Blue is the color of cathedral windows.  True blue, most blue, royal blue.  It's sky and sea and peace enveloping the kaleidoscope of life's rich hues.  And it casts a dreamy wonder in these sacred spaces.  Blue smooths the waters lapping along our rocky shores. 

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}
jellyfish, candles, water, stained glass, St. George's Cathedral, boat, quilt by Stolzfus

Then hand in hand with royal blue weaves another royal shade.  Lavender and orchid, grape and magenta - in cathedral windows rare purple is as plentiful as rain.  It lends an air of mystery wrapped in royal robes of light.

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}
butterfly, flowers, quilt by SillyBoodilly, makeup, stained glass

Into dark, cavernous halls, cathedral windows usher light and color and the heritage of story.  They invite us to make space in the dark corners of our hearts for new, bold beautiful beings; for virtues that shine like gemstones and draw others to join in their song.  Ruby red, emerald green, amber and aquamarine sparkle in the company of cool royal blue and purple, bringing together all the colors just as we ought to bring all together with our love.

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}
flowers, blue interior, quilt by Lieblingsdecke, quilt by lilabellelane, hummingbird

Such is the power of art to inspire our hearts and our hands.

I invite you to join us for a fabric mosaic contest sponsored by The Loopy Ewe.

Carefully craft your mosaic of 9 fabrics from among the offerings at The Loopy Ewe.  You can browse fabrics sorted by style here.  Use the links in the left sidebar to sort by color, designer, etc. if you like.  Choose fabrics to express your interpretation of Cathedral Windows.  There are many possibilities, though be sure to include some royal blue and other saturated colors.

Once you have your fabrics, the free Mosaic Maker tool makes it a snap to create a mosaic (though you may use any mosaic tool of your choice).  Copy and paste image url's from The Loopy Ewe.  To find url's first go to the item page, then right click on the image you want and choose "copy image URL".

To enter the contest, add your mosaic image to our collection here.  If it suits you, link to a blog post explaining your choices - that helps us spread the word about our contest.  But no blog post is required (you can put your image url in the url space).  Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.

***Important Tip*** If possible, share your mosaic so that when it's loaded to the link up and you click on your mosaic, it takes viewers to see a larger version. This makes it so much easier for me to see your mosaic and consider it as a finalist!  Hosting your mosaic in a public place (such as Flickr or Instagram) and linking the URL works beautifully!

Add your mosaic by midnight January 21st.  You can make up to 2 mosaics!  On Sunday the 22nd, I'll open voting.   We'll have two winners!  The 2 Top Mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!!  Winners announced January 25th.  Enjoy!


  1. this post has taken my breath away, not only with the beautiful pictures, but your words!

  2. I created 2 mosaics but put both of them on my blog in one entry. Maybe I should not do this late at night :-) I hope that is ok. StitchandSwirl,

  3. Sheesh... Cathedral Windows! That's a tough one =) Thank you for putting up another challenge

  4. Hi Rachel! Fantastic post and challenge again! I love your photos and story! I love these colours! Funny that yesterday I started to think about one of my '30 Days of Quilt Design' plans in this kind of colours! Thank you for inspiring us! x Teje

  5. Beautiful Rachel, just beautiful! Thank you, I can't wait to play :)

  6. I love your mosaic contests! I've added my links yesterday but I can't see them anymore (?) so I add them now for the second time. If they are then double in your contest please forgive me and count them only one time.

  7. I deleted my last comment because I had overlooked the linkup and just posted the link to my photobucket. Mosaic is now properly added to the linkup...

    I tried to base my mosaic on the windows of my favourite church here in town*. There are lots of blues, but also a surprising amount of greens and yellows and even some (almost) white.
    I started this mosaic using Kona Cottons, because I thought you can't go wrong with them, but then I realized that I preferred fabrics with some pattern, because even if the first thing that strikes you when you look at really old stained glass is the colour, if you look closer you see how uneven the glass is and that it has a lot of texture as well.
    So I chose patterned fabrics in order to try to capture that kind of uneven old glass feeling. I was surprised that batiks seemed to be just the thing for the effect I wanted, since I usually associate them more with South Pacific sunshine than with old European churches. :)

    *Unfortunately I can't share a picture of those, since I seem never to have taken any and I didn't find any good free ones online

    1. So thoughtful, Jules! I see what you mean about batiks catching the effect of textured/wavy old glass. hmmm


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