Friday, December 30, 2016

Quilts of 2016

A collection of my quilts created in 2016.  For other projects like home decor, baby makes and scrappy little wonders made this year, visit my Gallery.  I've updated each page!

*Katie's Playground quilt

Katie's Playground quilt

*Doodle Doodle quilt {Improv Handbook Score #4}

Doodle Doodle, a finished quilt

*Still Point in a Turning World quilt

a Still Point in the Turning World

*My Brokenfull Heart quilt

Brokenfull Heart, hand quilted

*Love in Vintage Rainbows

 Love in Vintage Rainbows

*Peach Swirl patchwork quilt

Peach Swirl patchwork quilt

 *Full Scrappy Rail Fence quilt

Rail Fence quilt finish!

*Ombre Grid {Improv Handbook Score #5}

Ombre Grid {Improv Handbook Score #5}

*Blue Phase twin quilt

Blue Phase, a finished quilt

*Twirly Top quilt

Twirly Top finished quilt

*Lotus baby quilt

finished Lotus quilt

*I Heart You NICU Series baby quilts

I Heart You NICU quilt series

*Cranberry Tart quilt

Cranberry Tart quilt

*Never Easy quilt

Never Easy patchwork quilt

*Love in Tunnels

Love in Tunnels


  1. Wow, that's a lot and such variation.... what a great tribute to quilting in 2016!!!
    Looking forward to 2017 and all your creativity...
    Truly inspiring...

  2. I'd be proud to own any of those! Cranberry tart was my favorite! 2016 sure was a good year!

  3. All of these quilts are just stunning. I love bright colors and sharp contrasts when I make stuff. I love the fabrics and colors you used!!
    All of the colors are fantastic, and very attractive :-)
    I just want to grab cranberry tart and smash my face in it haha
    Never Easy is also excellent

  4. What a wonderful array of quilts you made this year!! I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, but I think it would have to be the I Heart You NICU Series. The sweet simplicity of the quilts and the sentiment. You did Eleni proud!!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! It's fun to hear of reader's favorites. That series is not my favorite artistically, but it was a healing process for sure.

  5. All of these are wonderful pieces of art and I feel they really reflect your feelings . So inspiring

  6. Lovely quilts Rachel, al with their own story and inspiration! I love the hearts series!

  7. Wow and you made a baby too! I managed just the one quilt!!

    1. Hahaha! That makes smile. I know how special your quilts are, Clare. No contest here, just camaraderie!!! I meant to right a retrospective post to go along with this archival post, but haven't managed to yet...

  8. Gorgeous collection of quilts, thank you for sharing, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work so much! It's nice to see them all together in one post. I love how you used the loominous fabric in the Never Easy quilt, and I enjoyed reading about the design process when you made it. Here's to 2017!

  9. What a gorgeous year you've made!

  10. Happy New Year Rachel! I love your quilts and I'm always so happy to find a post from you! Katie's Playground quilt made me start curves and winding ways block. Now I have the ruler and hope there will be lots of creative cuvers! Every quilt of yours inspire me! Hugs! x Teje

  11. What a lovely year in finishes! Here's wishing you much happiness in 2017--and lots more finishes!

  12. Some gorgeous quilts as always! I've followed you for years and it's fun to see your growth as a quilter. You have a very unique style that I quite enjoy.:)

  13. You've made really beautiful quilts in 2016! Wishing you and your family all the best for a great 2017!!!


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