Friday, October 28, 2016

Favorites from #30DaysofQuiltDesign

Here we are in the last days of our 30 Days of Quilt Design challenge!  You have through October 31st to complete and share your 30th design.  Are you nearly finished?  I have one more design to go!  Don't forget to add the tag #30DaysofQuiltDesignCompleted on your final design to be in the running for our grand prize:

On November 1st, I'll draw a random winner from among those who have completed the challenge.  Our lucky grand prize winner will score a fat quarter set of Slow & Steady by Tula Pink!  You can browse the whole collection at Gotham Quilts, our challenge sponsor.

The second part of our grand prize is sponsored by The Warm Company, makers of my favorite batting and other products I like to use as well!  Our lucky grand prize winner is going to be rolling in the good stuff.  It'll be winner's choice of Warm & Natural or Warm & White batting in a gigantic 90" wide, 40 yard roll.  So you'll be set to make a whole lot of quilts! 

Note:  Because this huge roll is quite expensive to ship, this part of the prize must ship to the U.S. or Canada.  Sorry!  If we have an international winner, she can designate a U.S. address, including the address to a forwarding company of your choice, should you like to arrange to have this batting forwarded to your international address. 


Now let's look at some of your designs from the past two weeks.  Here are a few that especially caught my imagination.  All shared with permission:

A photo posted by Daisy (@antstosugar) on

Even if you're not in Instagram, you can view all the designs via this link, #30DaysofQuiltDesign, right from your browser.

Gotham Quilts is sponsoring our challenge by handing out a $25 gift certificate to a random participant every two weeks.   Based on hashtag usage, I've drawn our random winner using Tint...


Congrats, QuiltDesignAtelier!   We'll be in touch!  Thanks to Gotham Quilts for sharing the fabric and thanks to all of you for bravely sharing your designs.

p.s. To be eligible for prizes, don't forget to include "@stitchedincolor" and "@gothamquilts" in your photo captions.  It also makes it much easier for me to catch your designs.  Also, don't forget to use #30DaysofQuiltDesignCompleted to tag your last design, so you'll be in the draw for our grand prize!

Happy Halloween weekend, all!


  1. I am one design away from finishing! I've really enjoyed this challenge, not only for the motivation to be creative and draw and play with colors but also for connecting with and getting to know other quilters on Instagram. Thanks for hosting!

  2. I've enjoyed seeing the designs pop up on IG. Advanced congratulations to that lucky winner of the FQ bundle!

  3. This was a great experience for me, both designing and seeing other designers' work. I have also made some good friends, such a huge blessing! Thanks so much to you and Gotham Quilts for sponsoring this challenge!

  4. This was a fun challenge for me.
    It was very very interesting to see what others designed.
    I really enjoyed viewing everyone's ideas on instagram, and gaining some new friends

  5. I wish I had played along! I've been fascinated with all the designs and have been so inspired! this was a great challenge Rachel!

  6. I have made 30 designs but didn't post the last yet because I was busy buying fabrics in Finland! This has been so much fun and there will be so many designs from everyone I would love to make! x Teje

  7. this has been a fun challenge - both in creating designs & seeing what everyone else has designed too! I have one left to post - so excited to have made it to 30. I've even got several of my designs already sewn together!

  8. congrats to the winner! I still need to post my last design but I'll wait till tomorrow;-)

  9. So honored to have been selected as a favorite again this week! I have really enjoyed participating in this process and seeing everyone else's designs. Thank you again for hosting!

  10. always love your favorites. 30 went by so quickly and I've excited to have used one to actually sew a finished quilt. thanks for the design boost.

  11. I love it when every one has something to pick from.


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