Friday, October 14, 2016

Favorites from #30DaysofQuiltDesign

There are about two weeks left in our Instagram challenge 30 Days of Quilt Design.  Some of you have already finished, which is exciting to see!  Myself, I've slowed down progress and am only making a few designs per week.  I'll be sure to finish by the end of October though.  I've already found that having a book full of sketched designs is a nice way to live.  Probably after baby comes I'll have a little less energy to think of new ideas.  Working up designs I've already sketched will come in handy!

My favorite personal design from the past two weeks is called Tower Window. I keep seeing this pattern in castle window glass.  Even though it's far from original, I wanted to save the concept into my quilt book.  It actually reminds me of my Cascade quilt pattern simplified.  I'm imagining a combo of prints and solids.

Each day I enjoy when the designs you submit pop up on my phone!  Whether simple or complex, it makes me smile to see so many creative thoughts put to paper.  Here are a few of my favorites from the past two weeks.  All shared with permission:

A photo posted by Teje Karjalainen (@nerospost) on

Even if you're not in Instagram, you can view all the designs via this link, #30DaysofQuiltDesign, right from your browser.

Gotham Quilts is sponsoring our challenge by handing out a $25 gift certificate to a random participant every two weeks.   Based on hashtag usage, I've drawn our random winner using Tint...


Congrats, GooseQuilts!   We'll be in touch!  Thanks to Gotham Quilts for sharing the fabric and thanks to all of you for bravely sharing your designs.

p.s. To be eligible for prizes, don't forget to include "@stitchedincolor" and "@gothamquilts" in your photo captions.  It also makes it much easier for me to catch your designs.  Also, don't forget to use #30DaysofQuiltDesignCompleted to tag your last design, so you'll be in the draw for our grand prize!

Happy Weekend, all!


  1. Hi Rachel and thank you for including my 'Tear Drops'! It's so simple and I love it. Your 'Tower Window' is the same - simple but so perfect! I love also your Cascade Quilt! x Teje

  2. Beautiful designing♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥

  3. there are so many great designs. I learned a lot from this exercise, and there were days it pushed me to my limits with all of my emotional events going on - but imagine how therapeutic it was? Just to edge out of the pain. You know how that is - and it is part of life.
    I love going over to the 30 days of quilt design page and looking at everyone's creations. All of them are well done. I can see where my focus was compared to some others. Every one is different - together we make one HUGE brain.
    Happy Week-end Rachel. Thank you for so much encouragement

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  5. Congrats to the winner!
    Ireally love your design and all the others too. It's a really fun challenge:-)

  6. What I love about the challenge is that people start translating their own designs into actually sewn pieces. Creativity unleashed =)

  7. Rachel - I'm @goosequilts. I sent you a PM on Instagram a few days ago, but haven't heard back. I sent you my email address. Thanks.

  8. One of my favorite challenges - EVER. It's such a privilege to see everyone's journey and thoughts and inspiration. I think I'll be referencing my work from this time for quite a while, so thank you!


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