Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dreaming at Dusk Winners!

The votes are tallied!  I know it was terribly hard to choose just one mosaic when you voted.  All of them were gorgeous.  A big thanks to all who participated creatively and with comments and votes.  And, of course, thanks to Lark Cottons for sponsoring this mosaic contest!  Both winning mosaics have been turned into fat quarter bundles available in limited quantities at Lark.

Our first winner is Day is Done by Rockbridge on Flickr. The curvy lines and foggy palette of these fabrics feel dreamy indeed.  Such a nice use of lavender too!

 day is done

{Fabrics}  Line 1:  Doe Crisscross Sky, Innocent Crush Maybe Blossom, Best of Morris
Line 2:  Handcrafted Indigo, Acacia Quills, Hello Bear Summit  Line 3:  Intermix Net Lilac, Glimma Little Kita Fog, Nani Iro Poncho Blue  (Double Gauze)  or see Day is Done bundle

Our second winning mosaic took things in a radically different direction.  Fire in the Sky by Marissa
recreates a spectacular sunset complete with bright light at center, red-purples, golden yellows and scorched orange.  A row of dark dusky blues complete the pretty picture. 

Fire in the Sky

{Fabrics}  Line 1:  Michael Miller Garden Pindot Tangerine, Priory Square Thru the Wire Marmalade, Botanics Foliage Tangerine  Line 2:  Chicopee Ziggy Medallion Red, Print Shop Moons Black, Heirloom Tile Flourish Garnet  Line 3:  Raindrop Precipitation Teal, Cat Lady Perfect Hiding Spot, Raindrop Geodrops Teal  or see Fire in the Sky bundle

Inspiring work, ladies.  Enjoy your fabric winnings! 


  1. Both are beautiful. I ordered them both despite my pledge not to buy anymore fabric!

  2. Congratulations to both winners-beautiful fabric portraits of dusk!

  3. Congratulations to the winners =) Well done.

  4. Both of these are just gorgeous! The palette in this mosaic contest has been so inspiring.
    You have been on my mind as the hurricane approaches the U.S. Stay safe, Rachel!

  5. Perfect! These were the two I picked. Love them!

  6. Congrats to the curators of these lovely bundles! I really enjoyed the challenge Rachel, thank you!


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