Saturday, September 24, 2016

last one

Last One - NICU quilt series

I love how string scraps are transformed by rainbow order.  Each one seems richer, showier than otherwise.  I'm not often drawn to string scrap projects, but this color play does delight me.

Last One - NICU quilt series

This is my last NICU quilt top made with recycled hearts.  It's an echo of an earlier design, but split in half with two hearts and two rainbow paths.  The off-centered alignment is what initially excited me about this idea.  Do you like it?

Last One - NICU quilt series

Today this picture is bringing back fond memories of Rainbow Bright.  Remember her arm and leg bands with their thin, rainbow-order stripes?  I think she would approve.

Now it's time to start backing and quilting these little quilts! 

While my strings were out, making themselves appreciated, I whipped up a bee block for do. Good Stitches.  Ara Jane asked for 55" of mostly-solid, bright stripes.  Simple is good.  Now I get to wait and see what she does with them! 

I know that many times you see the blocks I make, but not the finished quilts (which are considerably more fun).  You can visit our Love Circle Finished Quilts thread to see all the quilts we've made over the years collaboratively for children through Wrap Them in Love.  Click on the pictures of the quilts to enlarge.

And speaking of do. Good Stitches, we are a large charity quilting bee with many sewing circles all over the world.  I have a U.S. circle in need of a quilter at the moment.  Quilters take turns leading and assembling/quilting the monthly quilts.  As a quilter, you'll be asked to lead a quilt about twice per year.  If you are interested in using your fabrics to make quilts for charity as part of a sewing circle and comfortable using Flickr to communicate with members, please register your interest with this form.  If you don't already have sewing/quilting photos in your Flickr photostream, please link me to where I can see some of your work online.  It's my job to make sure folks are a good fit and then fill openings in sewing circles as they arise.  Thanks so much!

It's my turn to lead the Love circle quilt in October.  I best start brainstorming some ideas...


  1. I have loved all your heart quilts but something about this one just tugs at my heart.

  2. This one is really pretty, Rachel.

  3. This one has Rainbow Bright written all over it! What a fun design and I especially love the split detail!

  4. I like it! It reminded me of one of those conversation benches with the seats that face opposite directions.

  5. I can't resist a smile each time I look at it! So happy.

  6. No right side up or upside down... LOVE it!!

    1. Oh, that's true, haha! Thanks. Have a great week =)

  7. It's my favorite one!
    Yes, I really like the off centered alignment.
    I haven't thought about Rainbow Bright in so long.
    Simple is always good.

  8. I so much love this little quilt. It's my absolute favorite because it simply sings with its happy colors.

  9. I so much love this little quilt. It's my absolute favorite because it simply sings with its happy colors.


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