Friday, August 19, 2016

Favorites from #30DaysofQuiltDesign

Are you stretching your creative muscles with the 30 Days of Quilt Design challenge?  Over the past weeks, I've logged 9 designs and will probably sketch #10 later today.  We have about 2.5 months left - that's so many days! - before the challenge deadline on October 31st, so there's nothing stopping you from joining in now!  Get all the details here.

30 Days Quilt Design challenge

I'm keeping it very low-pressure.  Some of my designs I end up feeling "meh" about, but I share them anyways.  It's more about the process:  sitting down with paper, pencil and eraser and seeing what happens.  Try it!  You might be surprised what comes out!  Others are using digital design programs and color.  The possibilities are wide open!

With over 350 entries in just two weeks, I have not been able to even look at all of the designs being posted.  Still, I want to share with you a few that especially caught my imagination.  All shared with permission:

A photo posted by Village Bound Modern Quilts (@villageboundny) on

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Even if you're not in Instagram, you can view all the designs via this link, #30DaysofQuiltDesign, right from your browser.

Gotham Quilts is sponsoring our challenge by handing out a $25 gift certificate to a random participant every two weeks.   Based on hashtag usage, I've drawn our randomn winner using Tint...


Congrats, Muriel!   We'll be in touch!  Thanks to Gotham Quilts for sharing the fabric and thanks to all of you for bravely sharing your designs.  It's been inspiring and just plain fun.  Hope to keep seeing you there!


  1. Thank you Rachel for this great challenge! Thank you also for featuring my design #2! I'm really waiting for to try that with fabrics. I haven't used to plan much with paper and pen but do enjoy it now and if there is time I like to add colours, too! There are so so many fantastic designs and one of my favourites is your Mayfair! It's so sweet! I need to find way to quilt quicker because there are so many that I wan't to try! Thank you also for Gotham Quilts for sponsoring! x Teje

  2. Wow!!! Some of those are so special!!!!

  3. Congrats to Muriel and thanks forthis challenge it's so fun! So far I only entered one design but there are a few more in my head I just need to draw them.

  4. This has been so much fun and I love seeing so many people involved who may never (or rarely ever) design. You've set up the challenge that is very inviting and encouraging. Thanks for including one of mine in the feature. Karen

    1. Karen, I'm so glad you feel the design is set up to be inviting and encouraging! That was definitely my hope! =)

  5. What a great challenge! I am enjoying everyone's creations.

  6. All of the designs shared so far have been phenomenal!

  7. I'm having a great time with this challenge, Rachel! I love that it's set up so everyone participates at their own pace so there's no pressure to keep up. It makes it much more accessible and less likely that people will drop out because they missed a day or two. Thanks for featuring my design!


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