Monday, June 27, 2016

Paper Cuts

I've been almost a month now without my Juki sewing machine, and I've grown tired of using my Kenmore to the point of putting off sewing.  Luckily my Juki arrives back tomorrow, eager to be of service!  I'm looking forward to tackling my last two Lotus blocks on a machine that sews precisely and finishing up my last two Christmas stockings with free motion quilting.  (I learned long ago that my Kenmore can't handle free motion.)  How lucky I am to get to own my wonderful Juki machine!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Paper Cuts board cover

So this weekend I was looking for odd projects and decided it was high time to recover that sad ironing board.  Look, it had an actual hole in it!

I've recovered this board time and time again.  It just takes a 1/2 yard of fabric, which is the size cut I usually have in my fabric cabinet.  I tend to choose a favorite fabric to cover it with, even though it'll only last a few years before getting stained, because there's hardly a fabric I'll see more and appreciate more than the one that's on my ironing board!

Paper Cuts board cover

This time I'm covering in a Bluebird fabric from Cotton & Steel called Paper Cuts.  It's such an interesting shade of dusky blue.  All I need is fabric, a staple gun and my hubby.

Paper Cuts board cover

You can see here that the wooden board is padded with recycled toweling cut to shape.  I fold and wrap the new fabric edge around while he staples it down.  See my tutorial for more info.

Paper Cuts board cover

10 minutes later and she's looking mighty fine.  Quick, what do I need to iron?

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  1. I haven't thought of using my purtiest fabric for an ironing board cover, but it makes sense, you see it ALL the time!

  2. pretty. I love it.
    When you get your sewing space, you will want to toss your little board and hit the hardware store for a big piece of board 6 feet long if you can manage it. -- but that is for later lol
    This is a great project! Of course it looks so pretty.
    I hope you are enjoying relaxing inside today


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