Wednesday, June 8, 2016

hello Scrap Pouches

You know what I like most about small projects?  They give me a chance to play with more fabric combos and color schemes in less time!  For me, choosing the colors and fabrics is always the best part.  While I design projects for classes in view of specific goals (techniques, scrap types, etc.) I find my pleasure, my heart in choosing fabrics to delight.


So, these two scrap pouches were a fun juxtaposition in color play - one so free and vibrant colorwise, but with expected patchwork shapes; the other a controlled palette enlivened by feisty angles.  I love them both!


And loved choosing just the right fabrics for each part.  This lining is pure cuteness by Emily Isabella.


The lining of the blue bag is Bluebird Bow Ties from Cotton & Steel.

I created this project for the last week of Patchwork from Scrap which focuses on the use of tiny "crumb" scraps.  We'll be looking towards several types of raw edge applique which are great for beginners and make efficient use of small scraps.


I think you'll find that you have more scraps than you think once we go through the foundation processes of organizing and sorting scraps and stash.  Then after a few weeks of scrap sewing, you're sure to have ample crumb scraps for the scrumptious small projects of week 5.  Fun, fun, fun!


And now, at last, I have a handy handmade bag large enough to hold my portable sewing project of the moment.  I made sure to design the drawstring bag to be wide enough for an embroidery hoop and roomy enough for a collection of yarns.  The seeds to my design can be found in Svetlana-style drawstring bags

Now, maybe I'll get back in the habit of hand stitching that memory pillow?


  1. Adorable!!! As are you! Love these little bags....

  2. Small projects really do make for fun chances to play! Cute bags and great juxtaposition.

    I think you have Jen Kingwell's book Quilt Lovely? Some of her piecing projects call for bits cut at 1" or 1.5" ! So there is definitely use for tiny scraps. After having made a few of her projects, I look at my tiniest pieces in a while new way.

  3. I love your blog.
    With pleasure look at your sun works, on your beautiful children, on your comfortable house.
    Thank you for a color, for ideas, for kreativ! Successes and inspirations. Ann. Russia.

  4. Love the bags! So looking forward to your class.

  5. Love your baby's sweet quilt in the background.

  6. Totally cute. I just love bags for lugging all my different creative tasks. I love both of these. I really want to try and make some.

  7. These are awfully cute! I enjoy having different bags and baskets for my projects.


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