Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Welcome, Cape Cod Shibori!

Have you heard of Shibori?  It's an ancient Japanese technique for hand dying fabrics in which the cloths are hand stitched or otherwise folded, twisted, compressed or bound before being dyed in order to create unique patterns.

Rachel Switzer is the creative spirit behind the Etsy Shop, Cape Code Shibori.  With needle and thread, she cleverly stitches her base cloths and dyes them in small batches to produce unique, artisan Shibori fabrics.

Cape Cod Shibori fabric collage

After dying, the stitches are removed to reveal amazing patterns.  Many of her creations are in traditional indigo blues, but she also offers gorgeous greens and a whole rainbow of shades.

Cape Cod Shibori colored fabrics

Emerging from such an intricate handwork process, Cape Cod Shibori fabrics are often one of a kind.  Rachel offers coordinating Shibori Bundles, Scrap Packs and Layer Cakes for those who have trouble choosing - they're all so interesting!

Cape Cod Shibori fabrics as pillows by Phileas Handmade

Her base cloths include denim and linen, besides regular quilting cotton.  These substrates would be lovely for home decor or apparel projects.  Plus, she takes custom orders should you need something specific for a special make.

Between the fabrics themselves and these studio shots, I'd love to stop by and see Rachel at work.  It's mind boggling the infinite ways artists find to birth beauty from fiber!  I am honored to partner with Cape Cod Shibori this year and hope to, in time, welcome more handmade fabric artists as sponsors of Stitched in Color.

Shibori Indigo Moon and Sky

You can Shop Cape Cod Shibori on Etsy, or keep current via Facebook or Instagram.


  1. The moon on indigo sky is gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some really gorgeous stuff. I'll have to think on how to show it to advantage, but I bet there's some of this in my future.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Great stuff both Rachel!

  4. Stunning! I'd never heard of Shibori. I'm crushing hard on the stripes and am going to check out her shop right now!

  5. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow. Very pretty
    I love the pillows!!

  7. Rachel, those fabrics are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing Rachel's art with us!

  8. Beautiful fabric! I am fascinated with the process.

  9. It's beautiful and odd all at the same time! Love the moon one best!


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