Friday, May 20, 2016

on my Design Wall

What's a girl to do when gloomy, cloudy weather thwarts decent indoor photographs?

 on my design wall

Take the design wall outside, of course!  Lucky me, my design walls are just batting wrapped and stappled around insulation foam core.  They're each about 60" wide, so I can move them throughout the house to catch better light for photographs... or even take them outside!

While my dog looked on disapprovingly, I was happy to snap these shots just outside my door.   Green trees and just enough sunshine!  On my design wall today are two different projects which I thought you might like to stop by and see.

May bee blocks

These are May bee blocks for a Love Circle quilt designed by Kirianth of Glass Snail.  Take a gander at her beautiful mock up:

May 2016 : LOVE do. Good Stitches

Such gorgeousness!  I feel lucky to get to join in on her smashing good plan.

Lotus quilt in progress

And this, of course, is my Lotus quilt in progress. I've made two of block style A and two of block style B.  These watermelon reds are up next to become Lotus blocks.  Solids are Freespirit solids and prints are Diamond Mine and Wanderer Seeds.  Maybe this weekend?

But speaking of bee blocks, I don't believe I ever showed you April's.  We made monkey wrench blocks (similar to churn dash) with low value backgrounds and bright and/or navy wrenches. 

April bee blocks

April bee blocks

I couldn't pass up the chance to feature that curious rabbit and moons print.  This blocks shows it off so well!  You can find Moon Bunnies Mochi still at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory!  Low volume backgrounds are Architextures Ledger in Gray and Nicey Jane Hop Dot. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the design of May bee blocks ! And your Lotus quilt is turning out to be gorgeous.

  2. Excellent. I had movable design walls but then I just covered every square inch (almost) of my sewing office (next to my food preparation office)with heavy duty white felt. It looks interesting....
    Anyway, I love all of these blocks, love the fabrics of course and love the lotus blocks... and the bee blocks and the wrench blocks that I have never made. I have so much to make.
    this was a busy week for me, and I just fiddled around my sewing room all week, a little of this and that. Have a fun week-end. The rain is coming here tonight.

  3. Ooooooh! Love your May bee blocks and the mock-up as well! And your Lotus blocks are looking so fun and colorful!

  4. The lovely day, the heart healing with my little blue sewing machine outside on the porch...foot on the pedal...the day lifts me up. There is NOTHING like sewing. Love your design wall outside, and love your latest work

  5. I have two design boards since I had to break it apart to get it home. They are covered in flannel and about 4' square. One of my projects this week is to repair these if I can. 8' will be too tall but the 4' is always too short and I end up with quilt blocks strung out all over the floor!

    1. Seems like we could always use a little more design wall space!

  6. Why not take it outside :)
    I do love those moon bunnies!


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