Friday, January 1, 2016

Registration Opens Today!

Today registration opens at my shop for encores of Color Intensive and Angled at Stitched in Color!  Are you ready?  We're going to make and play with so many pretty things!

Following are details that you'll want fresh in your mind today as you register.

Welcome to Color Intensive

::My Class Formats::

All classes are delivered via password protected blogs.  I love this format because with a blog you have access to the class at any time and from anywhere, with an interactive format that allows me to publicly answer questions.  Blog posts go up regularly as the class progresses.  Students are also encouraged to use a free Flickr account to upload photos of their projects to the Stitched in Color flickr group.  This group is a great way to see what others are making, form friendships and ask questions of your fellow students in the discussion threads!

Both Color Intensive and Angled includes a PDF eBook of the course (delivered at class conclusion) for $55 now through January 7th.  After early registration week, the regular price is $65.

Your access to the class blog will remain open 30 days after the last day of class, during which time I will continue answering questions.  After those 30 days, the blog will be closed and you will no longer be able to login.  This provides much-need motivation for us to get everything we can out of the class in real time, rather than leaving it open ended for "someday."  Remember though, you'll have an eBook for your continued reference, so you can still enjoy any projects you missed!

Since I know someone will ask, it is possible to do both classes since Color Intensive is not as time consuming as some of my other classes.  But, doing both would keep you very, very busy!  My classes are chock full with lots of material to make them worth your time and money.  Still, if you want both classes, enrolling in both would give you access to the materials, which you could complete at your own pace.

 ::Color Intensive::

This 5 week course runs January 18th through February 19th.  Inspiration, theory and practical application will bring your understanding of color and fabric to a whole new level.

This workshop is an experience, not a "do" list.  I want to teach to you see what I see and to give you a rich new vocabulary for color.  The language of color is critical, because what we cannot describe we cannot fully know, recreate and transform.  Above all, I want you to move to a place where color expression in fabric is instinctual and joyful and personally authentic.

Color Card project

Workshop Content

Just like dancers spend time warming up, you need to have a comfort level with color so that you can create more freely when sewing.  Our workshop will explore these 5 themes over the course of 5 weeks:

::Color Emotions::  discern Warm vs. Cool colors, the impact of Seasonal Palettes and how Color Psychology can enrich our work.

::Color Theory::  understand the Color Wheel, Analogous, Complementary and Triadic color relationships, discover how to make Rainbow Blends and all the different Types of Rainbows.

::Neutrals::  strategies for choosing Black, White, Brown or Gray, about Shades vs. Tints, the impact of Value and how to make interesting Monochromatic works.

::Color Mixing::  how Context affects color, creating a Color Story, getting the Right Ratios, how to Source and Process Inspiration.

::Working in Cloth::  stashing Helpful Fabrics, avoiding Limiting Prints, what are Key Ingredients in a lively fabric pull, how to Create a Balanced and Refined collection for a large project.

Each lesson includes actual fabric and sewn examples to demonstrate these color concepts in a very tangible way.  When it comes to color, we're all visual learners!

Napkins project

You'll interact with course material via a weekly Color Intensive Mosaic Contest, which will challenge you to put ideas into action with actual fabric, while also learning from each other and from my commentary on mosaic finalists.  And, yes, mosaic winners win fabric!

 Trimmed Tote for Color Intensive

Each week's Friday Assignment is designed to take you further, with practical application in fabric. Three of these projects suggest you do some sewing, while the other 2 do not. Sometimes just arranging and evaluating fabrics provides more time to learn about color than actually sewing.


Alongside "lecture" posts on the above themes, Color Intensives includes my Color Catalog.  The Color Catalog is a visual collection of my favorite color schemes, color by color.  In regular installments I'll post photos of delectable fabric groupings with 4 each for every main color:  pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple.  Anytime you need a quick color pick-me-up or are searching for an idea that includes a particular color, you can refer back to the Color Catalog to jump start your projects!

Bonus Quilt!

I couldn't resist!  Each of my previous classes has included a pattern for a special quilt.  I know you enjoy these patterns, and so I had my thinking cap on while designing Color Intensive.  Turns out that the Ikat Napkins design is so much more than a napkin...

Ikat quilt for Color Intensive

With savvy value choices it becomes a beautifully intricate quilt!  Color Intensive includes the pattern to machine paper piece or traditionally piece this twin-sized quilt.  You can alter the finished size for your needs by making more or less blocks!

Ikat Quilt pattern


This 9 week course runs January 18th through March 18th.  It's 5 weeks of instruction spread out over 9 weeks time to give you room to grow.  I've designed this course for the confident beginner or intermediate quilter.  Prerequisites are basic cutting and piecing skills, with experience sewing rectangles, squares and rows.  The class has 3 main elements:
::Piecing Skills:: learn to accurately piece ANY angle, from classics like the diamond to compound angular blocks, and truly any random triangle shape

::Design Skills:: understand how to incorporate equilateral triangles, diamonds, half square triangles and flying geese into your own original quilts

::Scrappy Skills:: enjoy using triangular scraps from our projects in playful, liberated quilt blocks, with the option to donate your blocks towards collective charity quilts

This is a class for quilters!  It's for developing quilters, ready to stretch their wings beyond the basics.  It's for more experienced quilters, interested in expressing themselves in original designs or curious about liberated piecing.  It's for all lovers of traditional quilt blocks, young and old.  And I hope it will be for you!

What's Included?

With Angled at Stitched in Color our focus narrows to the quilt-making skills of piecing and design.  The class includes 5 original quilt patterns (4 throw quilts, 1 queen-sized quilt) and an additional 5 liberated, scrap-utilizing blocks.  Each lesson week begins with design/piecing information, followed by a quilt pattern that uses the week's angle in a creative way.  I'll also point out classic quilts that you can make with your new-found skills.  Each lesson week concludes with a lighthearted liberated triangle block.  We'll mess around and have some fun!

Since I know someone will ask, it is possible to do both classes since Color Intensive is not as time consuming as some of my other classes.  But, doing both would keep you very, very busy!  My classes are chock full with lots of material to make them worth your time and money.  Still, if you want both classes, enrolling in both would give you access to the materials, which you could complete at your own pace.

Pyramids project

Take that, triangle scraps!

I suggest students choose 1-3 favorite quilts to make during class, but read along with all concept posts to absorb the quilting principles as we go.  Don't worry about what you skip, since all students receive a pdf eBook of the entire course.  Return to Angled via the eBook to access patterns and concepts later on!

Let's take a look at the quilts of Angled Class...

Indian Blanket for ::Angled:: class

Indian Blanket - a playful study in equilateral triangles.


Emerge - a really, truly easy lonestar quilt composed of 45 degree diamonds.

Starbright quilt

Starbright - an entirely machine pieced 6-point star, relying on a clever combination of triangles and diamonds

Cascade quilt

Cascade - at twist on the classic flying geese block

Tangential queen-sized quilt

And Tangential, a cumulative queen-sized quilt, utilizing all the skills we'll study during class!  Each week you can make an installment in this quilt, while practicing the week's skill.  This is your chance to make a masterpiece for your bed, a fantastic surprise for your parent's anniversary or a very special wedding gift.

Tangential for Angled

I hope that you find yourself inspired to learn and sew even more in 2016.  For even more info on the classes themselves, please see the Class Encore info post.  Alright, that's everything!  Please join in.  We're going to have a blast!


  1. Eagerly anticipating the Color Intensives class! (My registration is going to show up under my husband's name/email address since that's where our Paypal acct. is.) Happy New Year!

    1. Welcome to class, Anne! I bet your husband is "Timothy". The class invite will go to his email since I don't have your email. Or, you can provide your email to me via the contact button in my sidebar. Thanks!

    2. I've got it through Tim's email, which is great. Thanks!

  2. I just registered for the Color Intensive class. I'm a bit confused, though. Is the PDF book $55 in addition to the course fee? Thanks & looking forward to,it!

    1. Absolutely not! The eBook is included in the $55 course fee. Thanks for joining in, Allison!

  3. I announced when I saw this that if my husband won his bet on the Outback Bowl we were watching I would take it as a sign I should take the class. Gave me a reason to watch. N'Western got creamed. But I can't accept defeat so I signed up anyway. 😃

  4. All signed up for the Angled class! Those are some lovely quilts, can't wait!

  5. Is the color wheel pattern part of the color intensive class?

    1. Good question! I use the quilt to demonstrate color relationships in the class, but students are encouraged to work with quicker means of arranging color to form color wheels rather than that quilt. The Wheel quilt pattern is not included in the class as it requires curve sewing skills not covered in the class. It is available separately in my pattern shop.

  6. Both of these classes look sooooo exciting and I think I would fit perfectly into either.....
    I am hesitant and waiting. I have so many things I WANT to accomplish this year, knowing that I have to take a little at a time. I know you will have these classes again, I hope.

    So far, I took a daring step "sideways" and have a jazz piano teacher to work with. Oh my, no no no I have no wish to work in Hotel lobbies. It is all about becoming more confident while working at the "fire department". Letting loose
    Happy New Year Rachel.
    Reading your blog these past two years has been such a wonderful experience for me. I admire and respect your boldness. I enjoy watching you grow just as do with both of my daughters. Life is change. I want to finish my quilts... so I can start new stuff :-)

  7. Just signed up for the Angled class. A great thing to look forward to!

  8. Both classes sound wonderful. You've given me something to think about.

  9. Hi Rachel, I am very interested in both your classes but I am concerned about my time constraints . Will the classes be available for a while on your website or Internet access with a password or will they vanish at the end of the course . Lots of family issues coming up this spring don't know if I would be able to dedicate the time required to get the full impact of your classes .

  10. Oh yea, just reread your description of Angeled and realized I will have a PDF to back me up, Signing up for both of them right now. As I consider myself color challenged I'm very looking forward to your Color Intensive course.

  11. Both of these were fantastic classes! I learned so much from each of them. But as I've taken them already, I'll just have cheer from the sidelines. And wait for the penny sampler class to come back around!

  12. Im super excited about both of these classes! This is exactly what I need right now!


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