Monday, December 14, 2015

announcing Color Intensive + Angled Encores!

I always feel that the new year is the perfect time for a sewing class.  It's natural to step back and evaluate how you've been spending your time.  The wise push towards balance in all things, which may mean carving out more time to invest in that which feeds your soul.  I know that creating fuels mine!

I'm going to start 2016 by encoring two online classes which have never yet been re-released:  Color Intensive and Angled.  Here are all the details for your planning purposes.  Registration for both classes open on January 1st.  I'm giving you the heads up now in case you'll want to direct a little holiday money towards your creative new year!

::Color Intensive::

Do you spend more time than you'd like wrestling with fabric choice?  Does choosing colors for your project slow you down, frustrate you, leave you feeling not quite right?  Or, maybe you quite enjoy choosing colors and fabrics, but you want to grow in your mastery of these skills, opening doors to new creative possibilities?

Welcome to Color Intensive

Color Intensive is a 5-week online workshop specifically for sewists.  Inspiration, theory and practical application will bring your understanding of color and fabric to a whole new level.  This workshop is an experience, not a "do" list.  I want to teach to you see what I see.  The language of color is critical, because what we cannot describe we cannot fully know, recreate and transform.  Above all, I want you to move to a place where color expression in fabric is instinctual and joyful and personally authentic.

Oodalolly quilt finished!

the How

As usual, Color Intensive will be delivered via a private class blog, which you can access on your own time, anywhere and where you can ask questions!  Each week will have a particular theme.  You'll interact with course material via a weekly Color Intensive Mosaic Contest, which will challenge you to put ideas into action with actual fabric, while also learning from each other and from my commentary on mosaic finalists.  And, yes, mosaic winners win fabric!  Each week's Friday Assignment is designed to take you further, with practical application in fabric.

the What

Color Intensive gives you a vocabulary and a toolset to work with color in cloth.  Sewing projects (just 3) are intentionally simple so that you can focus on color, not construction.  But... the class does include one very special, original quilt pattern as a bonus - just because!

Ikat project

I believe that choosing the perfect fabrics is not truly about color theory so much as self-expression. It’s not something you know; it’s something you feel.  Let’s get in touch with those feelings!  We will also cover color theory, classic color schemes, combining colors, use of neutrals and value.  Throughout the course concepts are made tangible via my own sewn examples.

Alongside "lecture" posts on the above themes, Color Intensives includes my Color Catalog.  The Color Catalog is a visual collection of my favorite color schemes, color by color.  In regular installments I'll post photos of delectable fabric groupings with 4 each for every main color:  pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple.  Anytime you need a quick color pick-me-up or are searching for an idea that includes a particular color, you can refer back to the Color Catalog to jump start your projects!

In Color Intensive we'll always be talking about color in terms of fabric, but the last week of class is specifically dedicated to challenges and choices that emerge when working in cloth.  Learn to create a cohesive group of fabrics for a quilt or other large project.  Work towards a balanced, usable stash!

Fabric Playtime


I LOVE angles, with their movement and personality and endless fascinating combinations.  Getting to know them can be tricky, intimidating even.  But the results are impressive!  And freeing too.  How many gorgeous classic quilts include angles?  So many!  With curiosity, time and much experimenting, I've come to know them well and to also understand how to include them in my quilt designs.  I'm eager to share this with you via Angled at Stitched in Color!

welcome to ::Angled:: at Stitched in Color

This is a class for quilters.  It's for developing quilters, ready to stretch their wings beyond the basics.  It's for more experienced quilters, interested in expressing themselves in original designs or curious about liberated piecing.  It's for all lovers of traditional quilt blocks, young and old.  And I hope it will be for you!

I've designed this a new online course for the confident beginner or intermediate quilter.  Prerequisites are basic cutting and piecing skills, with experience sewing rectangles, squares and rows.  The class has 3 main elements:
  • {Piecing Skills} learn to accurately piece ANY angle, from classics like the diamond to compound angular blocks, and truly any random triangle shape
  • {Design Skills} understand how to incorporate equilateral triangles, diamonds, half square triangles and flying geese into your own, original quilts
  • {Scrappy Skills} enjoy using triangular scraps from our projects in playful, liberated quilt blocks
Indian Blanket for ::Angled:: class

Our journey spans 9 weeks.  I'll be presenting 5 weeks of lessons, alternating each lesson week with a week "off" to give you time to digest the concepts and make sewing progress - 5 weeks of lessons, 4 weeks off.  All instruction is delivered via a separate password protected blog that allows you to access the lessons at your leisure, with posts delivered day to day during instruction weeks.  The private class blog interface remains open 1 month after lessons conclude, during which time I'll be very actively answering your questions.   Before the class blog closes, you'll receive a PDF eBook of the entire course for your permanent reference. 

What's Included?

In Angled our focus narrows to the quilt-making skills of piecing and design.  As such, the class is composed of 5 original quilt patterns and an additional 5 liberated scrap-utilizing blocks.  Each lesson week begins with design/piecing information, followed by an original quilt pattern that uses the week's angle in a creative way.  I'll also point out classic quilts that you can make with your new-found skills.  Each lesson week concludes with a liberated triangle block designed to utilize scraps from cutting that week's angled shapes.

Pyramids project

Take that, triangle scraps!

Let's get practical.  Only a quilting superhero could make 5 quilts in 9 weeks!  Instead of attempting every project, you'll want to identify 1-3 quilts to make during class itself.   Your options are:  Indian Blanket, Emerge, Starbright, Cascade and Tangential.  No matter which ones you choose, read all concept posts to absorb the quilting principles as we go.  And remember, all students receive a pdf eBook of the entire course.  Return to Angled via the eBook to access those other patterns and concepts later on!

Starbright quilt

Good news for hands-on learners!  Tangential is actually a cumulative queen-size quilt, including 4 angles we'll study during class.  Each week you can make an installment in this quilt, while practicing the week's skill.  This is your chance to make a masterpiece for your bed, a fantastic surprise for your parent's anniversary or a very special wedding gift!

Tangential queen-sized quilt for Angled


Registration for both classes is $55 and opens on January 1st.

My classes are chock full with lots of material to make them worth your time and money, so most students are challenged to digest all material.  Fortunately you'll have a permanent copy (eBook PDF) of the class to refer back to as needed.  Camp versions will not be offered this time due to time constraints for baby's care.

Color Intensive (5 week course) runs January 18th through February 19th.  New material is posted day to day in this class, with weekly themes:  Color Emotions, Color Theory, Neutrals, Color Mixing, Working in Cloth.

Angled (9 week course, 5 weeks of instruction) runs January 18th through March 18th.  New material is posted day to day during instruction weeks, which alternate with weeks "off" to work at your stitching.  Weekly themes:  Equilateral Triangles, Diamonds, Mastering Any Angle, Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles.  At the time of registration, students will find complete materials lists for all 5 quilts posted at the class blog.

Questions?  Comments?  I hope you'll be making plans to join in!

choosing a palette

p.s.  If you plan to take Color Intensive, you'll want to have a Kona Color Card (or other solid fabric color card) to use in class like this.  You can purchase one now at Fat Quarter Shop, Fabric Bubb or in Canada at Mad About Patchwork.  Think ahead because these tend to sell out!


  1. Hi Rachel! :) Have you considered a "play along again rate" for people who have taken the class but would love to participate again? :) I've already done the color class once but at the time I was too distracted to fully participate and enjoy. I think I might like to play again? ;)

    1. Yes, that's a fantastic idea! I know you're not the only one who didn't end up having the time you needed to enjoy a class. I'll plan to have an option to "play again" any class you've previously purchased so that you can participate again, live. The Play Again fee will be $20. Appreciate your suggestion!

    2. I second the appeal of this. I was crazy busy the first time I took Angled, but I didn't want to miss out. It'd be nice to go back when I actually have time to do the projects!

  2. Oh great, I wanted to take Angled forever, I love every single pattern in it! I was so sad it did not win the last vote. Is it okay to buy the class now, even when I might not share a lot during class? We have a big move and new job during class time, but I so need the patterns!

    1. We'll work it out, Tanja. Since you're a "no reply" commenter I can't email you. Can you contact me via the contact button in the right sidebar? Or just leave your email address =)

  3. Hooray! I've wanted to take both of these classes for a while.
    And how you manage to teach, along with everything else you do, is a mystery to me. Are you magic?

  4. I've taken both, and they are FANTASTIC. The amount of info and original patterns you come away with is tremendous for the price. Shout out to Rachel for always having top notch classes!

  5. Hah! Reading your release of this news inspired me to think that I should go back and review these classes on my own. I took both and really enjoyed them. l really kind of ran out of time with Angled and didn't do as much as I wanted to. Then I saw Kelly's suggestion of a "play along" rate. I really like that idea!! I'm really glad you are doing an encore on these classes. They have so much to offer.

  6. Hi Rachel - I loved your Color Intensive class and recommend it to others! I want to try your intensive angles. Thank you for putting them out there again1

    1. You're very welcome! Will be glad to have you join us!

  7. Do you need a Kona card for cutting up purposes or will it stay intact? Thanks!

    1. The color card will definitely get cut up, but I think you'll find you loose nothing in the process and gain something. I find the manipulative version of my color card quite useful! We retain the original order of the colors as that is an important tool.

  8. I think I need to take the Angled class ~ love every quilt. How ever will I choose which one to make?! When are sign ups?

  9. I loved the Angled class! It was my intro to making quilts and I learned a ton. Starbright will always be my favorite quilt, I need to make another one!!

  10. Do you have alternative dates for these classes? I'm very interested but very busy January through march with other commitments

    1. Sorry, Nicole, I don't. It's unlikely I'll run them again in 2016 or 2017. One option is to register anyways, participate as possible and plan to utilize the eBook, which is the complete course in take-home form, to finish digesting the class when you have more time.

  11. I've taken Color Intensive and highly recommend it. Also I use my Kona card all the time so if you are unsure if it is worth the extra time/money - yes, it is ;)

    Angles - now on my wish list!
    Thank you Rachel :)

  12. Both classes sound excellent, but I think the Color Intensive is where I need to start. I've just ordered my Kona card, and I'm very excited about joining in January!

  13. Yay! I'm excited for Angled! I was hoping you'd rerun that one soon. :) I'm in love with Starbright already!

  14. Yay! I'm excited for Angled! I was hoping you'd rerun that one soon. :) I'm in love with Starbright already!

  15. I loved both classes and use my cut up colour card all the time - love the idea of a encore previous students!

  16. What great classes to rerelease! I have your Starbright quilt cut out and ready to sew together, and the Ikat quilt is at the top of my list for 2016. Looking forward to seeing what your pupils create!

  17. I have taken both Color Intensive and the Angled class and loved them both. I am definitely going to play again on the Angled class because I didn't get to finish my Emerge quilt! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the play again feature. Thank you so much, Rachel!!!


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