Monday, October 19, 2015

::Voting:: Brown Is Mosaics

Ok, I admit that I was a little nervous to run a mosaic contest centered on brown.  But I'm so impressed by your response!  Although we had slightly fewer mosaics than usual, they were of an excellent quality and so diverse.  You found a lot of lovely browns to work with at Fabric Bubb!  This morning I've narrowed it down to 10 finalists, choosing mosaics that felt cohesive and inspiring. 

Enjoy perusing these lovely mosaics!  I've presented them first at large size to help you find your very most favorite one, with the name of the artist under each mosaic.  Voting is below with smaller images for reference.  Vote now through noon (eastern U.S. time) on Wednesday the 21st.   The two winning mosaics with the most votes will be announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Good Luck Everyone!

Georgia by Annabelle Gardner

by Sarah Jasinski

Rosy Brown by I love neutrals

Night above the Desert by Puppilalla

Foreshadow by Puppilalla

by Bety Piernaty

by Lia147

by Jodi of Tales of Cloth

Fireside by Sewn Barefoot

Morning Fog by Fat Fanny Fern


  1. I love seeing all the different interpretations! Who would have thought brown was so versatile! Poor overlooked brown.

  2. I love the Morning Fog selection of fabrics!

  3. I love Sarah J. 's with the comfy aquas thrown in.

  4. I wish there were more modern brown fabric prints, it can be a great colour and these mosaics prove how lovely it plays with other colours too!

  5. There really was a lot of lovely diversity! Thank you for including Georgia :)

  6. WOW all of these are just beautiful
    Okay, I must vote.
    Well done

  7. gorgeous all, but bety piernaty is the best. good luck

  8. Morning fog is absolutely lovely. Quiet and calm. I think I need to get me some to use as the first layer in my Home sweet home quilt.

  9. I like the morning fog mosaic. The addition of navy makes it stand out.

  10. I just voted and my fav is Morning Fog.

  11. Love the outdoorsy feel of Sarah J.'s browns with terracotta and teals. One of my favorite color combos.

  12. morning fog is nice but it doesn't read brown, it reads grey

  13. I like morning fog, especially the whimsical animal print.

  14. And voted! 'Fireside' by Sewn Barefoot is my favorite =)

  15. I didn't realize you could use fabrics that are on pre-order, that's pretty crazy, most shops would want to put the bundle up for sale right away.


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