Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to use Triangle Scraps

Triangle scraps, a truly menacing sight.

truly menacing.

Ah, yes, I have a strange relationship with my triangle scraps.  They are demanding little suckers with their pointy, hard-to-classify ways.  Such an untamable lot they are, my nemesis.  And yet, they also embody so much character and possibility.  More than any other scrap, those darn triangles have forced out my creativity...

a la Bottled Rainbows

I think it started with triangle mosaics, which became notebook covers and pouches and more.


Then one day the triangles insisted upon becoming hourglass blocks of random sizes, which eventually sorted themselves out as a mighty fine cushion cover.  I think that's the moment when I decided the triangles were too capable to ever be thrown away.

my Triangle Legions

Even the smallest triangle scraps hold potential as star points for wonky star blocks.

Rainbow Tilt-a-whirl baby quilt

I used to throw all triangle scraps in one canyon in my bottommost scrap drawer.  Whatever large, more versatile triangle scraps I owned were sunk in a sea of tiny binding-making triangle crumbs.  I faced up to that flawed system and started organizing triangles by size and shape when I made my Tilt-a-Whirl triangle scrap quilt.

foolin around with triangle scraps

With order restored it was all too easy to create this quilt from small, low volume triangle scraps.  I just sewed the little beasts at the corners of squares to make my Clashy Bright baby quilt.

how to use Triangle Scraps

More recently I drew on the triangle legions for a pineapple party and my current pickle quilt.  Triangles, they're good.  They're tricky, but they're good.

to a good home

Ok, have I convinced you?  Do you want some?  In the spirit of this book (which has been known to make me chuckle) I've decided to pare down my triangle scraps.  Their sheer number is overwhelming.  And yet, I can't bare to callously toss them.  They have so much potential!  Would another brave soul like to give them a good home?  The triangles in the above picture + some large linen triangles are a 10 oz lot of triangle fun.  Free to the first U.S. claimant!

p.s.  I've also packaged up about 2 lbs of rectangle and square medium-large scraps that I no longer desire.  These fabrics no longer spark joy, as the author would say.  See photo of actual scraps$10 to cover shipping in the U.S.  Provide an email address for me to send a Paypal bill, if you want them.

Update!  Looks like all scraps have found new homes.


  1. Hi,

    I would be interested. My e-mail is
    I do not have paypal, but maybe we can find a way for me to pay you.


  2. Had to come check, and sad to find I'm second, not first. But I'm glad to see they have a good home! I would have loved to play with them, and let them spend some more time with the pineapples. :)

  3. I would love to purchase the square/rectangles from you!
    My email is

  4. You know, it hadn't even occurred to me to KonMari my stash, particularly the scrap bins. What a very daunting prospect. But, as you've lead the way, I suppose I'll have to give it a go now.

  5. Awww that is so great these colorful bits have found a new home.
    Years ago, and I mean at least a decade, er or more, I gave a box full of fabric and trims to Lizzie's 4th grade teacher. I often wonder if there were any worth while trims or bits in there I regret,,,,
    This book is good. basically.... she encourages you to get rid of things. That is very good., Give someone else a chance to enjoy something of yours.
    I do give away clothing frequently, things I bought and realized do not fit me well.
    It is good to have a stock pile though hahaha
    I hope all have found happy homes

  6. I love what you did with those triangle scraps!!! This is a very inspirational post. I have a problem getting rid of what I consider usable scraps too. Many of mine are going to a Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Crazy quilt. It make take me a lifetime to make...but that's okay.

  7. Good use of your scraps! I can't bear to throw scraps away usually but then when my scrap box gets overwhelming I put my ruthless hat on and cull the tiny ones.

  8. I love what you do with all of your scraps. I especially liked the little butterfly corners you had us make during a workshop last year. l recently got rid of a lot of fabric I knew I'd never use and most (not all) of my triangles get donated for stuffing for dog beds.

  9. Interesting perspective on triangle scraps. That hourglass mini is quite an inspiration though. Not sure how I would sort them from all my other scraps, but something to consider.

  10. Wow, those were some great ideas!! I have a million triangle scraps!!!

  11. I like your ideas. I too save the tiniest scraps. But most of my triangles from stitch and flip are, at that stitch and flip stage, sewn with an extra line of stitching to be cut off as HSTs. Now I'm kinda sorry I take that extra step, cuz look what can be done if I don't!!

  12. I think you've made a pretty strong case for those scraps! There were lots of clever ideas in your Angled class too.

    As a side note, that book has made me chuckle a lot too! But she has some good points. And I definitely need some tidying up around here!

    1. Thanks, Hydee =) I didn't realize how widely read the book is! I found it through a friend and have already gifted a copy to another!

  13. I love these especially the journal cover!

  14. Using them as hour glass blocks to make a bigger block is the best idea ever! Thanks ; )

  15. Mm I guess I won't be throwing mine away either. I was thinking about it but you just gave me an idea. A tiny idea but an idea. LOL
    thanks for sharing


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