Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}

Slow down a minute, my friend, and ponder with me in color...

Red.  Yellow.  Blue.  The flat, crayon-colored trio never did anything for me.  But infuse some variation - dusty hues, rich browns, shimmering turquoise, jungle green - and Almost Primary takes on a whole new life, a cozy familiarity that welcomes me home.

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}
Anna Maria Horner quilt, graphic, room

It's safe, but not boring.  Colorful, but not loud.  It's not quite Americana, but close.

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}
quilt, bouquet, porch, phone

Go lighter, go whiter for vintage flare.  Red becomes coral.  Yellow mellows, and blue is reborn in a perfect shade of turquoise.  Not at all primary... and yet so.

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}
room, parrot, blanket, girl

Paired with green Almost Primary takes a trip south west.  The vibe is soft, exotic and slightly obscured.  Our ordinary trio peaks out here and there, enfolded as in a forest.

Almost Primary {a mosaic contest}
girl, crochet
Almost Primary is how summer meets autumn.  As the warmth seeps away, we don burnt orange and apple red with fresh denim blues.  The hats, the yarn, the boots all come out again in saturated jewel tones.  And even the trees wave leaves from yellow to red against clear, blue skies.

I invite you to join us for a Fabric Mosaic contest sponsored by Lark Cottons.

Carefully craft your mosaic of 9 fabrics from among the offerings at Lark Cottons.  Choose fabrics to express your interpretation of Almost Primary.  Your collection of fabrics can be mostly primary, washed out vintage, or more nuanced with greens or autumn shades.  Just make sure to include a bit of some version of each:  yellow, red and blue.

Once you have your fabrics, the free Mosaic Maker tool makes it a snap to create a mosaic.  Copy and paste image url's from  Lark Cottons.  To find url's first go to the item page, then right click on the image you want and choose "copy image URL".

To enter the contest, add your mosaic image to our collection here.  If it suits you, link to a blog post explaining your choices - that helps us spread the word about our contest.  But no blog post is required (you can put your image url in the url space).  Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.

***Important Tip*** If possible, share your mosaic so that when it's loaded to the link up and you click on your mosaic, it takes viewers to see a larger version. This makes it so much easier for me to see your mosaic and consider it as a finalist!  Hosting your mosaic in a public place (such as Flickr or a blog) and linking the URL works beautifully!

Add your mosaic by midnight August 18th.  You can make up to 2 mosaics!  On Wednesday the 19th, I'll open voting.   We'll have two winners!  The 2 Top Mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!!  Winners announced August 21st.  Enjoy!


  1. Rachel, you continue to amaze me. Where do you find the time to blog,sew,be a mother,be a wife, be a friend? Do you ever sleep?lol

  2. I love all of these colors!!!
    They are exciting. I adore the inspiration!
    I am excited to see what others come up with. Me? Everything excites me :-D ♥️
    I really love so far what has been shared.
    One day I will try. I love the fabrics at Lark Cottons

    1. I like what has been shared already too! These people have skills. =)

  3. This was fun! I love your writing style. Thanks for the opportunity to ponder color today.

  4. I’ve never taken part before, but I’ve jumped on the bandwagon today! Thanks for hosting this colour contest Rachel!

  5. Oh, this was so much fun coming off the heels of your blog post about how you choose fabrics. I really enjoyed making this and am feeling a bit of a quilting itch.

  6. Thanks for this great contest, Rachel! I needed some time to figure the mosaic maker out (because I can never remember how I did it last time, silly me;-) but it sure was fun.

  7. Lark Cotton is my go-to for online fabric eye-candy. Such a lovely mix of carefully picked fabrics (and some older hidden gems) - plus, the fabrics are always cut so lovingly AND you can order anything in fat quarters. :) Thoroughly enjoyed putting together my mosaic - thanks for the inspiration Rachel!

  8. This is just want I need, a little fun and creative play time that doesn't make a mess ;)
    Thank you!

  9. Oh my gosh that was ridiculously fun! Thanks Rachel! Such great inspirational photos you put together too xx

  10. Thank You Rachel! I had so much fun playing with all those fabric combinations. I had such an amazing experience creating them :)


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