Monday, July 20, 2015

quilting Mojo

Staying at Stephanie's gave my quilting mojo a giant pick-me-up.  I think it was her awesome fabric stash combined with her considerable works-in-progress.  I'm not one that likes to have a lot of things going at once, but it's quite fun to take a tour in someone else's progress!

Now, if you're like me, when your quilting mojo is flowing you look around and see possibilities everywhere.  I want to make that and that and that AND that!  You start to dream about fabrics and colors.  Soon your mental "next up" list is a mile long, but you're so in love with every project you can't imagine eliminating, let along forgetting, any one of them.

And then life.

Sometimes when I finish a current project and am ready to start something new, I can't actually remember what I wanted to make!  Or, I have this vague idea, "herringbone quilt," but I don't remember what I loved about it.  Was it the colors?  The fabrics?  Was there someone special I had in mind?

Right now I'm away for a short series of ABM lessons with baby.  When I get back it's going to be time to baste and quilt "Plus, Plus" and finish up a mini quilt in progress.  After all that, I really should knock out a camper gift or two and then.... then I could start a new quilt.  So let's preserve the mojo, shall we?

1.  Scrappy Bourbon

I came across this photo originally from The Lettered Cottage blog.  She reports it's a vintage quilt.  Connecting Threads has the paper pieced pattern available for instant download.  It's called Bourbon Street.  I really love the red in this version, so I'm tempted to pretty much copy it.  Happy scrappy.

2.  Herringbone Throw

 Love in Herringbones with do. Good Stitches

Stephanie is binding a beautiful herringbone quilt made of mostly Anna Maria Horner fabrics.  I've long wanted to make a throw-sized version of the above quilt, which I made with Love circle through do. Good Stitches.  And I could update my herringbone block tutorial while I'm at it.  Right now I'm waiting to be struck with the right inspiration fabric to set my color scheme.

3.  Facing East

Last year when Megan was hosting the Facing East quilt along I so wanted to participate, but couldn't because I was busy producing Angled class.  It's not that I have a ton more time now (hahahahaha!).  Still, this quilt has lingered in my mind.  I think I know who I'd gift it to now, if I made it, which creates a new sort of motivation.  Maybe a few blocks at a time...

Ok, well I can come back to this now when I'm all clear for new quilts.  Thanks for humoring me.  I bet if your mojo is working you have quite a wish list of next makes too.  Do share!  Wonder how many of your ideas I'll have to add to my list?



  1. Oh, yes!! I've not been quilting for so long now ... my move ... your baby Eleni ... seems to have stalled us both out. Me much more so than you but I'm also beginning to get rolling again and the list is long. You've given me an idea, though. I think I need to start a bucket list ... one that is pretty specific so I don't forget what was so appealing to me. And I might just have to add your three to the list. lol

  2. I always get a very strong dose of mojo before I have to leave for a trip. I think making a list is a super idea because it will help when the urge strikes again and when there is no urge at all.

    I love your photos and your commitment to creativity.

  3. I have three quilt tops waiting to be worked on again, but I finished one so I'm allowing myself to start a log cabin quilt using nomad by moda :) I had a cutting spree late the other night.. No turning back! Good luck!

  4. I think summer has a way of stealing quilting time - even when life isn't throwing the unexpected at you. Right now I'm trying to focus on NOT starting (or even thinking about starting!) new things until I can finish up some of the old. But I just can't help myself. A few I'm tempted by right now are the Super Nova that was done as a quilt along awhile back by Freshly Pieced, Blueberry Pie Starburst (directions at Canoe Ridge creations), Cluck Cluck Sew's Inside Out, and Molli Sparkles's Union Jack quilt.

  5. I can relate to all your sentiments about exploding with ideas and then when ready to get moving finally, being completely stuck. So good for you for recording your ideas so thoroughly. I was just thinking I need a system for that. So many piles in my stash that I have no clue what I had planned for. I guess I should take a photo and write better notes! Sometimes I can't even remember what I bought certain fabrics for even if I know which project it was for. Was that binding or sashing? Backing or blocks? I'm hopeless!

  6. I love all three of your 'may be new projects'. In my head there are so many ideas and on my Pinterest site....I could easily live a couple of lives extra, haha. But for now I'm finishing what is waiting in my closet. It feels good. I hope you will have time to make what you want.

  7. I decided last month that it was time to cut into my AMH fabric that I've been hoarding and make an honest to goodness patchwork quilt... I've never made one and it just feels right for me to most enjoy my fabric goodness in squares that won't go out of style or fashion. Seeing the quilts in the above photos makes me think I may need to also pull out my long hoarded ikea word print as a 2 loves, one quilt....ahh yes...

  8. I just found an old list from a year and a half ago, and an older one from before mom's stroke.
    Both of them contain mostly things I have not completed.
    I love working on 3 or 4 things at the same time - it is the usual for me. I am adhd, always have been. I like these ideas you have on your list. The Facing East quilt is so pretty, I just can imagine how you will make it. the Bourbon Street quilt looks very cool too.
    I think we need secretaries. and minions.

  9. Ooooo I love your list! I have a mammoth list because I like to work slowly. I find when I think right I'm going to make this quilt and be quick about it! I make "that will do" fabric choices and end up not liking the end product but if I take my time, pick it up for a while then put it away when I lose my direction and have it on the go for months or... gulp years... I love my finished quilt. So I have hmmm about 10 on my to do list :) some are: a stainglass window arty quilt out of AGhandcrafted, a mustard and white weathervane block quilt, and a fox quilt (I know everyone has done one except me! And at first I put it off because of that but then I realised that was a stupid reason to not do something you like lol) the list goes on ;) enjoy daydreaming while your mojo is around :D

  10. I am currently working on two patterns that have angles - the Juggle pattern using Honeycombs and the Navajo Stars pattern that uses 60-degree triangles. Venturing into new territory for me! I'm also imagining myself piecing curves so that when I decide to actually do it, I am psyched up for it! There are a lot of Drunkard's Path quilts that are stunning because of color placement, and that's what I want to imitate. I love the Facing East pattern, but right now, it's a pie-in-the-sky type of pattern for me. Maybe someday!

  11. We quilters have the same trains of thought!! I'm just giving the lapassacaglia a go and btw I love scrappy quilts with a bold colour like red or blue running through!!!

  12. My mental next list has taken a dive lately. I'm hoping to finish at least one or two projects and hoping that will free up the space in my head for day dreaming. Sorting and purging some of my stash has definitely rekindled the need to go scrappy.

  13. Oh I do love the vintage one! Thank you for adding to my inspiration list :)

  14. Hmmm I really like the herringbone. Paper piecing isn't my thing although I have plans to make cartwheels by freshly pieced. Just bought the pattern for fabric that is available in September. Between now and then I have plenty of wips (including my penny patch top) to keep me busy. I hope Eleni had more positive results from the lessons. You are a good mom.


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