Monday, June 29, 2015

{Tutorial} simple Plus Blocks

simple Plus tutorial

I came back home after a busy therapy weekend to find these colorful plus blocks on my design wall.  When I am away and so preoccupied with Eleni I totally forget about normal home things.  Returning to this project is like receiving a gift!  I'm so enjoying the vivid Kona colors and also how quickly and simple this block goes together.  These little bites of color and scrap play nicely into the corners of my day.  Let me show you how to make your own...

simple Plus Blocks {tutorial}

Step 1:  Cutting

from background fabric cut
  • (4) 3.5" squares
  • (1) 1.5" x 5" strip
  • (2) 1.5" x 2.5" strips
from plus fabric cut (1) 2.5 strip.  Segment as 2.5" x 5" and 2.5" x 6.5".  


You can use directional prints for the plus fabric without any special modifications.  Just cut both plus fabric pieces from one 2.5" strip.  This is a great way to use up long, thin scraps!

Step 2:  Sew + Cut

In this tutorial we'll save time and energy by making one additional cut after sewing some pieces together.  Although this might seem counterintuitive, it actually increases accuracy and ensures that your directional fabrics will line up in the end!  Here goes...

First sew the 1.5" x 2.5" background pieces to either end of the 6.5" long plus piece.

Also sew the 1.5" x 5" background piece to the 5" long plus piece.


Next, cut the 5" wide segment in half, creating (2) 2.5" wide segments.  When you cut, match a horizontal ruler line to the already-sewn seam to ensure a perpendicular cut.


After cutting you'll have two pieces like this:


Step 3:  Assemble

Lay out your pieces in the plus block formation.


Sew 3.5" background squares to either side of each short plus segment.  Now your block is organized as 3 rows.


Join rows to complete your block!  It should measure 8.5" unfinished, for an 8" finished block.


And then, just press repeat.  Unlike interlocking plus quilts, this simple plus style takes no advance planning.  Make as many as you like!


And just see what comes to be...


  1. This is so cheerful and bright and looks like so much fun to work with.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I will make a few of these soon!

  3. This looks great. It's a different look from the interlocking ones but I get your point that there isn't a lot of pre-planning. I like the solid color backgrounds.

  4. Oh yes, I am sure you have a busy day.
    It is a good feeling to come home after taking care of Eleni, providing her with
    the therapies to help her develop. I know you are learning a lot in that aspect.
    I think of you often, you are always in my prayers.

    I love these blocks, i love kona's colors too. I have been buying mine at Hobby Lobby because they are reliable. If I go to JoAnnes, many times what is on the bolt is not Kona, but one of the other solids. It makes me a little annoyed, so I just do not buy there anymore :-P
    I am going to print these instructions out. I would love to put some fun prints in these plus blocks
    Have a fun week. It is finally a calm week, last week was epic. 3 doctor appointments with my mom and dad, and trying to squeeze in time to help Christina learn this whole stay at home mom and baby Last week we went to Target together, the baby needed some eye ointment, so, while waiting, we sniffed all of the candles. Nothing new to me..... but my daughter loved it haha sniffing candles at Target
    ♥️ loads of love from me

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. Looks like fun.

  6. Sometimes, simple colorful blocks are so alluring! I'll have to try these too! Thanks for the tutorial on this block!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial Rachel! Those blocks look wonderful. I hope you enjoy some well deserved sewing time!

  8. I'm always amazed when blocks come together especially when there is some unexpected cutting of a segment to save time and gain accuracy.

  9. What a super tutorial! Thanks so much!

  10. Great tutorial--thanks so much. Thinking and praying for you and Eleni often.

  11. I need to finish some sewing and then organize my scraps to make a lap quilt with your tutorial.


  12. Thanks for the tutorial, I love this block! :)

  13. Love them, thank you for show me how :)

  14. Great tutorial, Rachel. It is very clear and straightforward. Thanks.


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