Friday, May 1, 2015

double gauze, double fun?

This weekend I aim to put to test Cotton & Steel's little pun, "double gauze, double fun."  I have some Bespoke gauze from Sew Modern and an Oliver & S pattern, in hopes of making a summer weight nightgown for Aria.  Fingers crossed that this works, because she definitely needs something appropriate to wear to bed, people.  The nightgown I made her last year is way, waaaay too small and looks horribly uncomfortable.  I've got to get to it!

double gauze from Sew Modern

I'm not really sure if the Playtime Dress is an ideal nightgown pattern, but there really aren't many simple ones out there.  Any suggestions on what to do for the back closure?  This pattern has 3 buttons at back, but I know that won't work well for her.  Right now I'm considering doing one button closure, near the top of the back, with an elastic loop for hooking the button.  I wonder if that's easy enough to do with one hand?

tracing patterns

Today I've traced the pattern pieces and am cutting into the soft, cuddly gauze.  mmmm!

While I was at it, I also stashed some good basics from Sew Modern.  Stripes!  Can't get enough of them.  I especially like that tiny stripe by Dear Stella.  I've used the taupe color before.  It's the lightest, tiniest stripe shown here.  It reads cream from any distance, but has that nice texture up close.  Sew Modern stocks the Sunburst stripe in a whole slew of colors.  I imagine the whole set would love to come live and work in my stash!

stripes from Sew Modern

The black/white stripes are Timeless Treasures Bias Stripe and Michael Miller's Clown Stripe.  I bought them both for bindings.  Wonder which one I'll like most?  When I know, I'd like to stock up on a good amount.  Black/white stripe bindings are a nice finish for many a quilt.

And the Cotton & Steel Puff print, just for fun.

Comfort, received

On Wednesday night, the day of the failed swallow test, I received a surprise package from my friend Nicolette in the Netherlands.  She and the Comfort circle of do. Good Stitches made a set of pillow covers for us, to show their love.  They're beautiful!  So carefully done with x's and o's, embroidery, hand quilting, the works.  But perhaps the best part was reading the personal notes that came with the gift.  I'm going to keep all the cards I receive for Eleni to show her someday what an amazing outpouring of well wishes she received from all over the world as a little babe.  Thank you all!

p.s.  remember Flowers for Eleni?  Today I got a sneak peak at the most meaningful gift I will ever receive.  Go look!


  1. What about a magnetic snap closure for the nightgown? Or would that be too bulky?

    I love striped quilt bindings but another favorite of mine is Pearl Bracelets.

  2. That double hat double gauze should make a comfy nighty. What about using the buttons as a front closure. She could manage it easily and adjust it to her comfort. I'm not sure it would be easy to modify the pattern though.

  3. What if you omitted the facings and used bias binding to finish the collar and button placket, and then just do a loop with a button at the top of the placket? Also in the future check out Kwik Sew 3105. I love it for my girls!

    1. Wowie! that is a cute pattern!
      I am putting it on my list right this minute!

  4. (Black and white) stripe fabrics work so well for bindings!

    Glad to see the package made it safely to your home!

  5. I was thinking a front button also or a front draw string.
    Its going to feel heavenly for sleeping!

  6. I can't wait to try the cotton + steel double gauze :-) I sewed a Playtime dress in woven fabric for my toddler, and found it a little snug when putting on. It was ok after it was on, plus she was a chubby toddler so maybe there wouldn't be as much of an issue with an older child. You may consider sizing up just a little for a comfy nightgown though.

  7. I wonder if those little velcro circles would work?

  8. I would look at swapping the front and back yokes. Then the buttons will be in the front. You will probably have to modify the necklines, too but its simpler than some of the other things we've seen you do. Maybe do away with the buttons on the front and use velcro or a tie.

    1. You're right, swapping the yokes should work. It would be more comfortable too, to have the buttons on the front when laying down. I can just lower the neckline on the "back" yoke so that it looks more like a front, perhaps. Ok, I will experiment!

  9. Hi Rachel.
    First off, I love making girl clothes :-)
    I love the fabrics and the pattern.
    This wonderful gift in the mail is just beautiful. What a treasure.
    I looked over at the flower quilt and I was just in awe. I did not know this quilt was being made.
    I would have jumped in too. I never know what is going on anymore... !! It is okay, I am at peace with that, haha. It is a beautiful flowers quilt. Oh my. Your friends are lovely
    I hope you have a nice week-end after two days of drabby drab. Perhaps go for a long walk.
    Love you you and your peeps, always

  10. That double gauze is so yummy looking! Can't wait to see the finished night gown! What a lovely gift too, quilty love is so wonderful. :)

  11. I like everyone's idea to swap the front and back. I have three daughters with long hair and from experience those back buttons can be tricky if hair gets wrapped around them. Button in front sounds better!

    I had my baby last week. I ended up with a natural childbirth not because I wanted it, but because it happened too fast for the anesthesiologist to give me the epidural. It was pretty painful but easy too, and I've had the quickest recovery but I'm not sure if that can be attributed to shorter labor because of no epidural or because it was my fourth. I have thought about you so much these past weeks and am so glad Eleni is doing so well! She is adorable and I love to see photos and updates. Have a beautiful weekend:)

    1. Oh, congrats, Jamie! So glad baby came safely. I'll never take that for granted again, that's for sure.

      Yes, definitely try the back/front yoke switch on nightgowns. What an easy fix!

  12. YES! This pattern absolutely works as a nightgown! I made 5 of them for my 5 girls out of flannel last winter - - I made the top exactly as is according to the pattern, including with the buttons. I used really flat ones and haven't heard a word from any of my girls that they're uncomfortable. I did make it a size up for the top, and just lengthened the "skirt" portion all the way to the floor. In making a summer nightgown, you could probably leave the sleeves off. The shoulder seams are a bit of a drop onto the arm, like little cap sleeves.

    1. It ended up working really well as a nightgown. I did do sleeveless, but the underarms are a bit tight, even though I measured her. I think sizing up on the bodice is smart!

  13. Hi Rachel!
    When I make nightgowns for my daughter I use a peasant dress pattern with elastic casing at the neckline so there are no closures. After a quick etsy pattern search it's something like this without the pockets.

    Sometimes I don't put the elastic in the wrists and you can easily make it short sleeved too! Since this isn't a fitted garment my daughter can wear these for a couple years without outgrowing.....especially if you make them on the long side.


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