Friday, February 6, 2015

done good {Faith Circle}

do. Good Stitches is a modern online community that quilts for good.  Over the years the bee has grown and grown, so that these days I find myself struggling to keep current with all the beautiful work being done.  I'm taking up the habit of cheering for them from here, in the way of finished object posts.  About once a month, I'll share some "done Good".  Today, Faith Circle takes the spotlight!

Intersection blocks

In December, Debbie of A Quilter's Table served as lead quilter for the Faith circle.  Quilter's take turns setting a vision for the monthly bee quilt, usually defining the block style, colors and block size.  Debbie was inspired when Ashley of Film in the Fridge posted a tutorial for her Intersection quilt this last November.  Working from a refreshing Design Seeds palette, Debbie requested pale or medium blue, aqua, pale gray, yellowy green or light lime, and creamy white, showing this set of sample blocks to inspire her team of sewists.


Here's the finished quilt!  Even with all bee members sewing from their own fabric stashes, using a focused color scheme with a graphic, repeated quilt block is a sure way to create a harmonious work.  In fact, all the different fabrics really just make this one better.  I'd love to get up close and examine each one!

Some of the blocks have lots of contrast between background fabric choices and intersections, while in others the intersecting cross blends gently.  Debbie mixed up her blocks balancing color and contrast so that they eye keeps moving, drawn to one thing and then another.  It's beautifully done, don't you agree?


On the back, Debbie pieced together two fabrics from Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.  I love, love, love the dreamy effect!  And here you can also easily see her grid of quilting.  See, straight lines!  Sometimes people wonder if you need to be able to free motion quilt in order to serve as a quilter for do. Good Stitches.  Absolutely not!  As long as you can finish a quilt in a durable manner, whether with straight lines or free motion quilting, we'd be glad to have you involved. 

Thank-you, Debbie, for your many years serving generously in Faith circle!  Faith makes charity quilts for an organization called Restore Innocence, which provides shelter, mentoring and restoration for victims of sex trafficking in the United States.

Well done!  Congratulations to Faith host Melissa Richie and the entire Faith circle, Flickr names:  Me1issa, Blue.Ridge.Girl, aquilterstable, RhubarbPatch, Maremare312, Perfectionnotincluded, Sharonhuismith, SharonBinWA, LettyB and Red Rainboots Handmade. 

p.s. Learn about do. Good Stitches here.  While quilts of all styles are wonderful acts of charity, this bee intends to bring together active Flickr-users who enjoy sewing with modern fabrics.  To join the wait list, please use this form.


  1. Lovely color scheme. Great work ladies!

  2. One of my favorite quilts ever that Debbie and her group members created, even better that it is going to such a great cause!

  3. Awww. Thanks for the affirmation, Rachel! I confess this one was a special joy to put together - everything just 'worked' and my bee mates blocks were stunning. Just send this off yesterday to Restore Innocence, so hopefully a young woman is snuggling in it soon!

  4. Love this one! I love the colors and I just love how perfectly the back goes with the front!

  5. It's a beautiful quilt. Well done ladies!


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