Thursday, February 19, 2015

a special QuiltCon exhibit!

Today in Austin, Texas doors open at QuiltCon, a bi-annual quilt show and conference hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild.  I attended the first event, two years ago, and had a few quilts exhibited in the show.  This year I'm staying cozy at home, nesting.  But if I was there, I would be very, very eager to see a special exhibit entitled "Pieced with Love: The Quilts of Do.Good.Stitches!"

Yes, alongside amazing special exhibits like the Quilts of Gees Bend is an exhibit of charity quilts made by the members of do. Good Stitches!  I could not be more honored or more proud.  Last year, members of the bee selected twelve quilts to represent our work.  Here are our quilts hanging today at QuiltCon:

Flocks of HSTs

Flocks of Geese by the Bliss Circle, quilted by Amy Garro of 13 Spools

finished icicle quilt

Icicles by the Hope Circle, quilted by Cath of Wombat Quilts

watercolor quilt

Watercolor by the Love Circle, quilted by Natalie Sabik of Greenleaf Goods


Gradient Patchwork by the Grace Circle, quilted by Laura of Little and Lots 

Trellis Crossroads by Humility circle, quilted by Sandra Smith  of Small Town Thread

Ascent by Imagine circle, quilted by Amanda Hohnstreiter of My Sewcial Hour

Nurture Circle for June

Rainbow Triangles by Nurture Circle, quilted by Carla of Modern Bias

sunset stripes  

Sunset Stripes by Love Circle, quilted by Ara Jane Olufson of You Know What I Love

Finally got pictures of this #dogoodstitches #july2014 #quilt for the #dreamcircle

Birds on a Line by Dream Circle, quilted by Jeannette Day aka Sacridote

 Solid HSTs quilt flimsy do. Good Stitches Cheer Circle

Solid HST by Cheer Circle, quilted by Mary of See Mary Quilt

Geese in the Round Quilt

Geese in the Round by Wish Circle, quilted Caitlin of Salty Oat


Curved Log Cabin by Hope Circle, quilted by Ellen McKee

From the QuiltCon website:
Currently fueled by social media and emerging technology, the legacy of compassion, generosity and good will lives on through the time-honored tradition of making quilts for those in need.  Rachel Hauser, of Stitched In Color, is the founding force behind Do.Good.Stitches {a Charity bee}. She and hundreds of generous souls participating in this online community give back by doing something they love; using fabric, design concepts and piecing styles consistent with the modern quilting aesthetic. This exhibit showcases a small selection of the nearly two hundred quilts Do.Good.Stitches donates annually to organizations both near and far.
Yay, go team!  May the exhibit be a celebration of charitable quilting for ALL who love to quilt for good!


  1. Fantastic quilts, so cohesive, wouldn't guess that many had a hand in them. Thanks for posting, I too stayed home this time. Looking forward to more QuiltCon pics over the Internet....

  2. How wonderful that QuiltCon chose to recognize the generosity of the quilters making such a wonderful effort. Beautiful quilts!

  3. You are an amazing group of people:))

  4. Wonderful quilts made by wonderful people.

  5. All those quilts are so beautiful and inspiring!

  6. The quilts are lovely. I especially like that they are made with care and quality materials. So often charity quilts are made with "leftovers" and sewn for "practice."As it turns out I am traveling in the U.S. and am now in Texas. I will be at QuiltCon on Sunday and will be sure to see the quilts from DGS.

  7. So beautiful. Thank you for leading this pack of generous quilters!

  8. What a wonderful feeling it must be to see such good fruit come of what must've started from a seed... :)

  9. Love all the quilts. Will be there to see them in person on Saturday.

  10. I am so glad they had the Do Good Stitches display. They have been some of my favorite quilts that I have seen during the show. They are beautiful!

  11. That's a wonderful roundup. I am sure it will make a really warm display. Congratulations to all the members.
    How are you doing? Feeling well?
    I really liked the tote with the lather straps that you recently made for a friend of yours.
    God bless!

    1. Thanks, Sona. Yes, I'm feeling very well and very peaceful, though definitely living in anticipation! Thanks for asking. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Oh, they are all lovely quilts! I especially like the Curved Log Cabin ~ so amazing!
    My guild (PMQG) makes charity quilts ~ we have a special sew day just for making them!

  13. These are such beautiful beautiful quilts. I love them all.

  14. Oh, I loved every quilt ~ ~ I cannot help but see that each quilt represents a group of beautiful people. God bless you all! and thank you for sharing with us.

  15. They are all beautiful, you all should be proud!

  16. I saw them today and they look great

  17. Congratulations to all of you! You should be so proud that your idea has led to such a wonderful and thoughtful project. Kudos!

  18. Every quilt is beautiful. Would love to see them in person some day.
    Stay warm and comfy.

  19. Your quilts looked wonderful on display in Austin. The love and care taken by their makers was evident! Thanks for all you do to benefit others.

  20. The exhibit was beautiful! Thank you!

  21. We loved having them. Such a great representation of the giving spirit! Thank you for all you did to make this happen!!

  22. We loved having them. Such a great representation of the giving spirit! Thank you for all you did to make this happen!!

  23. Congratulations Rachel on this beautiful exhibit! The quilts are beautiful! Bravo to all who contributed to these very special quilts!

  24. Natalie Barnes, here, owner of beyond the reef. We were the proud sponsor of this exhibit! It brought me great joy, and great big crocodile tears. What a wonderful thing it is that you all do. I am so honored; thank you again for your fabulous works. -Natalie.


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