Thursday, January 1, 2015

Registration Opens Today!

Today registration opens at my shop for the encore version of Curves Class and Handstitched at Stitched in Color!  Are you ready?  We're going to learn a bundle!

For more info on the classes themselves, please see the Class Encore info post. Following are details that you'll want fresh in your mind today as you register.

a Curves Class project
Curves Class (5 week course) runs January 19th through February 19th.  New material is posted day to day in this class, with weekly themes:  Basic Curves, Improv Curves, Precise Curves, Advanced Curves, Curvy Quilts. Some of our projects:

Scallop Bunting Project

Rainbow Road project

Scallop Quilt project

Slices mat project 

Handstitched Class
(9 week course, 5 weeks of instruction) runs January 19th through March 19th.  New material is posted day to day during instruction weeks, which alternate with weeks "off" to work at your stitching.  Weekly themes:  Reverse Applique, Embroidery, English Paper Piecing, Applique, Hand Quilting.  Some of our projects:

Handstitched class quilt

Eyelet Needlebook project

Sashiko coasters project

 Star Blossom project

Loop de doo project

Please choose just one class!  I promise - you won't be able to be active in both classes simultaneously.  My classes are chock full with lots of material to make them worth your time and money.  If you desperately want to take both classes, you could buy Premium level access and plan to use the eBook to access the second class later this year, independently.

Choose your class!  Class runs on distinct private blogs where I can answer questions in the comments
  • The super affordable Basic Class includes everything you're used to seeing from me in the way of detailed, step-by-step picture-packed tutorials and access to all projects at $35/$45.  
  • The Premium Class adds extra helpful (and time-intensive) features like videos and a PDF eBook of the entire course at $55/$65.  
  • Then there is a smaller, more intimate Camp for folks who want it all, plus lots of interaction, with the give and take encouragement you'd experience in a real in-person class at $85.  Each camp is limited to 20 campers.  We'll enjoy (5) live community chats, each an hour in length, plus a private Flickr group to help us keep up with our works-in-progress.  And, campers who complete 1 project from each week of class within 30 days of the last lesson will receive a little something handmade by me as a souvenir.  I hope I get to make one for each of you!
Handstitched encore

An early registration discount of $10 for Basic and Premium classes applies through January 7th.  Prices are live and accurate at my shop.  As always, I do cap the total number of students I take in order to ensure adequate availability to be a responsive teacher.

Your access to the class blog will remain open 30 days after the last lesson is posted, during which time I will continue answering questions.  After that time the blog will be closed and you will no longer be able to login.  This provides much-need motivation for us to get everything we can out of the class in real time, rather than leaving it open ended for "someday."  Remember, if you buy the Premium or Camp versions, you'll have an eBook for your continued reference, so you can still enjoy any projects you missed!
I hope that you find a place that meets your needs and your budget.  Registration for Curves Class also includes access to purchase Christina's Retro Flowers pattern at 50% off!  Registration for Handstitched includes a free Penguin & Fish embroidery pattern!  Student kits are not available for Handstitched encore class.

Alright, that's everything!  Please join in.  We're going to make so many pretty things!


  1. Hi Rachel, I signed up for the Handstitched class and am really looking forward to it! My first choice was the Penny Sampler. Will you ever sell a pattern for that quilt? Or teach the class again? I started following you as that class wound down and have wanted to make the quilt ever since.

    1. I don't think I'll ever sell Penny Sampler as a stand alone pattern (it would be one HUGE pattern), but I'll likely run the class again or offer it for sale as an eBook someday. Maybe even late 2015.

      So glad to have you in Handstitched! By the way, you are a "no reply" commenter, so I cannot email you response to comments. Just fyi.

    2. Thanks, Rachel. I hope you do offer the class. I would love to take it. I hope i have now changed my settings correctly so I am a reply commenter. Thanks!!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to another camp getting started!

  3. I signed up for the Curves class first thing this morning. Excited to learn something new!

  4. Ok, I'm in for Curves, though I do hope you end up offering Handstitched again because I had a hard time deciding between them!

  5. Just signed up for Curves! So excited that was encore-ed!

  6. I signed up for both! I'm going to focus on curves but my plan is to pick up on handstitched when curves ends and at least I'll have the ebooks for after. :) this is perfect because my two crafty goals are to learn paper piecing and to not be so afraid of curves. :)

    How does the access for the discount on the retro flowers pattern work? It's so pretty :)

    1. In an introductory Curves Class post, you will find a discount code for purchasing Retro Flowers at half price. It is in the post about supplies for end-of-class quilts like Oodalolly and the Color Wheel quilt.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi, any plans to offer this in 2016?! Thanks :)

    1. I'm most interested in Curves - those quilts are gorgeous!

    2. No, since I ran these in 2015, I'll be doing different encores in 2016. Sorry =(


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