Friday, December 19, 2014

Six days till....

you know what.

This year I'm not making any big, special gifts.  Instead I'm crafting a trickle of little, useful gifts.  Hopefully they'll all serve well at their new homes. 

no. 1  Attack of the Triangles boxy zip pouch

attack of the triangles zip pouch

Pile of cool toned triangle scraps on Kona Ash with Kona Lake contrast and a purple zipper.  Do you doubt my sanity?  I mean, it's a PURPLE zipper. 

attack of the triangles zip pouch

Triangles settle in a tight formation.  Tactical response? Glue baste and zigzag applique.

attack of the triangles zip pouch

And...  Triangles utterly defeated.

attack of the triangles zip pouch

Purple zipper?  Oh yes.

no. 2  Subtle Sage Green potholders

Some kitchens require sage green potholders.  Some sewists like sage green.  This one, however, does not.  But sage is close to mint and pairs well with blue.  In fact, why not add some gray, while you're at it?  Just so long as there's sage in there somewhere...

two harmless potholders

Ta da!  Two harmless potholders a la my Easy Peasy Potholders tutorial.

no. 3  "Snapshot" Kitchen Towels

I never would have thought to put polaroids on towels.  Would you?

polaroid kitchen towels

But when my mom realized I was snooping around her new kitchen, plotting some patchwork kitchen towels (she's a smart one, that mom) she asked for "snapshots".

polaroid patchwork kitchen towels

Hadn't thought of this style for ages, but she remembered it from when I made a polaroid quilt with the Love circle way back when. It was fun to revisit the block.  Hope the finish isn't too cutesy for her though!  Polaroids want to be cutesy.  I resisted in vain.

These are the last of the gifts I'll be sharing in this space.  Not that I don't have two more little things to make before Christmas... But let's not think about that today. Today I'm hankering after longterm projects.  Time to settle in for a cozy, crafty weekend.  Best wishes to all!


  1. Is that a letter I see peeking in the corner of that pot holder photo ;)

    1. Yep, another letter for the wall in Eleni's room. I'm working on the last one now!

  2. Pretty stuff! I've decided I need to think more about small projects next year. You've inspired me.

  3. Beautiful! The recipients are gonna love those!

  4. Thanks for these quick ideas! I'm in need of a last minute gift and the pot holders will do the trick.

  5. Got to love the purple zipper.

  6. Beautiful 'little' gifts. I love the pouch.

  7. love them all-you made me smile. I know the getters of the gifts will love them! and smile.

  8. Those Polaroid dishcloths are so fun! Not too cutesy but adorable still.


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