Friday, December 5, 2014

Erica's Thoughts on Curves Class

This December four guests will share their experience of taking one of my original classes.  I hope that, through their eyes, you will be able to see which Stitched in Color course would best meet your stitchy needs.  Feel free to follow up with questions!

You'll be able to vote on your top 2 class choices starting December 15th!  Two classes will encore early 2015.  See this post for more details.

Today let's welcome Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting.  I think Erica and I have been following each other for quite some time, as the years tumble along.  We both love to make quilts, plus a sprinkling of projects for our home and kids.  She's also a longtime member of do. Good Stitches.  Erica took my very first online class - the maiden voyage of Curves Class.  I'm excited to have her here!

Almost three years ago when I was a fairly new quilter, I signed up for Rachel's Curves Class.  At the time I was terrified of curves and frankly was not all that interested in giving them a try, but I also knew that I needed to expand my skills and I wanted to learn from someone with experience.

Oh Christmas Tree Mini
Oh, Christmas Tree mini

And I did learn a lot.  There were moments when my points didn't match or my seam allowances on the curves were crazy and during those frustrating times it was definitely nice to have a little guidance!

Orange Peel Pillow
Orange Peel pillow which still gets lots of use.  

I started my blog during the Curves class.  Before this class I hadn't really experienced the amazing community that comes along with quilting.  In real life I am a little quiet and perfectly happy hanging out at home.  I started to realized that even if there was no one out there who wanted to read what I wrote or see what I made, the act of sharing my projects was still important to me.  And if I did make some friends along the way that would be even better.

Photo from my first blog post

The class gave me the courage to try new things.  Curves Class was really the first time I thought about how fabrics worked within a project.  Finding the right project for a stack of fabric is still one of my favorite parts of the quilting process.  The Scallop quilt project toward the end of the class remains one of my favorites that I've made.

This class also inspired me to try making my own curves.  I recently drafted my own template and made my Deep Blue Sea quilt which was inspired by the Scallop quilt I made in the Curves class.

deep blue sea baby quilt

Regardless of which class Rachel ends up teaching, I would recommend taking the class if you can make time to follow through with making the projects.  Doing this really helped me to improve my skills and my confidence.   So if you are feeling a little lost, looking for a little inspiration, or hoping to make a few new friends, consider taking a class from Rachel!


Thanks so much for sharing, Erica!  If you have any questions for her, feel free to post those in the comments here. For more details about Curves Class, see this post.   Next, a new guest will share her thoughts on Color Intensive come Monday!


Some favorite Curves Class projects and progress shots from the Stitched in Color flickr pool:

Boy Bunting
Scallop Bunting project by Becky Etal

Improv notecard #curvescamp
Improv Curves Notecard by Silly Lil' Doe!

drunkard's path mat
Drunkard's Path Potholder by Melissa of Lola Jazz

Oodalolly Quilt project by Elaine of Dashasel Sews


  1. Yay! This is the one I want to take. Curves have always stumped me, and I'd love to learn how to tame them :) Great projects, and beautiful finishes!

  2. just wanted to share with you two rainbow finishes that I had this week! (I'm doing the RSC challenge this year for the first time and LOVE it!) anyway- I made a modified bottled rainbows quilt (acutally, just used your color chart for my quilt) and I finished the color wheel quilt. thought you might like to see!

  3. Thanks for the candid reflection on the class! I also enjoyed checking out your blog!!!

  4. this is the class that I really really really hope gets offered, because curves are so confuzzling to me. I need help! and the quilts made for the class are beautiful :)

  5. Those projects look wonderful! I hope this class gets offered!

  6. I think this is the one I'd like to take.


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