Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Celebrate Good Stitches ::Voting::

Ok, everybody, I need your help!  I asked each circle of do. Good Stitches to submit their favorite 2014 quilt for a Best of 2014 contest.  One circle will receive the honor of Best of 2014, when their quilt receives the most votes below.  Robert Kaufman has donated a sweet prize too!

This is a public vote, open to everyone everywhere.  Now, this is going to be hard.  There are so many amazing quilts!  24 submissions representing 24 circles, to be exact.  But, which one do YOU like best?

Voting closes midnight (eastern time), Monday December 15th.  Order is randomized in voting widget at end of post. 

I Spy ABC's by Grace circle, quilted by Robin Correa (more pics)

I Spy ABCs Quilt. Grace Circle {March}

High Clare Castle Blocks by Faith circle, quilted by Anita Peluso (more pics)

Castle Quilt

Ocean Current by Believe circle, quilted by Allison Dutton (more pics)

 Ocean Current

Striped Geese by Imagine circle, quilted by Amanda Hohnstreiter (more pics)

Scrappy Flying Geese Geese by Heal circle, quilted by Emily (more pics)

do. Good Stitches Heal Circle

Minimalist Stripes by Harmony circle, quilted by Colby (more pics)

August 2014 Harmony. do good stitches - Improv Stripes

Trellis Crossroads by Humility circle, quilted by Sandra Smith (more pics)

Watercolors by Love circle, quilted by Natalie Sabik (more pics)

watercolor quilt

Ode to Partly Cloudy by Care circle, quilted by Rachel

do. Good Stitches Care Circle quilt finished!

Boat Beach by Comfort circle, quilted by Eva-Marie Beij (more pics)

Mosaic by Nurture circle, quilted by Carla (more pics)

do. Good Stitches Nurture Circle  March quilt

HST's by Trust circle, quilted by Melissa Dunworth

All finished!!! Actually finished for awhile but I haven't been able to elicit anyone over 4 feet tall to help me photograph it! #dogoodstitches #trustcircle #charityquilting

Geese in the Round by Wish circle, quilted by Caitlin (more pics)

Geese in the Round Quilt

Flocks of Geese by Bliss circle, quilted by Amy Garro (more pics)

Flocks of HSTs

Icicle by Hope circle, quilted by Cath Hall (more pics)

finished icicle quilt

Greek Cross by Joy circle, quilted by Jacyln Bartlett (more pics)

Honeycomb by Haven circle, quilted by Downtosew (more pics)

Orange + Low Volume Improv by Cherish circle, quilted by Camilla (more pics)


Crazy Scraps by Happiness circle, quilted by Laura (more pics)

 Do. Good Stitches - December

Blue Stars by Cheer circle, quilted by Brandy (more pics)

Starry Night by Promise circle, quilted by Meghan Eschbaugh (more pics)

Quilt top

Heartstrings by Peace circle, quilted by Katie Bowlby (more pics)


X & Plus Quilt by Together circle, quilted by My Bear Paw (more pics)

Together Circle x and + quilt

Rainbow Stars by Empower circle, quilted by Kim Place



  1. There are far too many amazing quilts here to pick just one! That is impossible!

  2. What a wonderful selection of quilts!

  3. Gorgeous, every last one - and with such wonderful intention, for the joy of others. Well done, quilters!!!

  4. only one :( a very hard choice!

  5. Wow that was hard to choose. They are all fantastic and beautiful!

  6. I would be proud to have had any involvement with any of those quilts - they are all so beautiful:))

  7. That was a difficult choice. They are all winners!

  8. So much inspiration and so many beautiful quilts!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Wow, what amazing quilts. A difficult decision to choose just one!

  11. I'm so so proud of taking part of my circle. Thank you Rachel and thank you all my bee mates!

  12. It was honestly very very hard to pick one. They were all very nice, and many were ones I would love to make myself. Great work everyone!

  13. That was very hard! So much love and talent here. Good job, ladies! You are blessing lives beautifully.

  14. Very difficult task! All are very beautiful and unique

  15. Just a sliver of all the good work everyone does. Good luck to all the circles.

  16. All are awesome, but I narrowed it down to one!!

  17. These are all amazing!!! You should all be extremely proud!!!

  18. It was so hard to choose! Good job to all the good doers!

  19. So many incredible quilts! I'm gadfly inspired by the work completed by all the circles.

  20. So many wonderful quilts it's difficult to choose one. :)

  21. I chose two to vote but at the end I understood that I had to eliminate to one!

  22. What a difficult decision! They are all wonderful....

  23. Well done everyone. They all make me smile!

  24. These quilts are just so inspiring! Thanks!

  25. Beautiful quilts made from the heart. Couldn't ask for more. Well done everyone.

  26. Wow! Stunning collection of beautiful quilts! So hard to choose. Thank you to everyone involved for putting such care back into the world. Thank you Rachel!

  27. So many lovely quilts! Good luck to everyone, they are already all winners in my opinion =)

  28. As always, the quilts representing our Circles, are magnificent. Congrats to all who participate.

  29. SO hard to pick. Gorgeous, all of them.

  30. What a tough decision, wish I could've picked at least 4 of em to be my favorite; it was hard to pick just one.

  31. What a great project and so many beautiful quilts!

  32. So many gorgeous quilts that it was difficult to choose just one to be my favourite.


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