Monday, December 29, 2014

announcing Handstitched & Curves Class Encores!

Thanks to all who voted on which Stitched classes we should encore.  Curves Class won by a good margin, with Handstitched coming up second.  Here are all the details for your planning purposes.  Registration for both classes opens this Thursday, January 1st! 

::Curves Class::

"In the past you may have been intimidated by tight little curved seams, even downright petrified by curvy quilt blocks and more than a little skeptical that a curvy outlook could be in your stitchy future.   That all ends now.  No longer shall ye be limited to the straight edge.  No longer shall ye look with fear upon that which inspires you..."

Yep, that still sums it up!   As a quilter it's easy to get oh-so-comfortable with straight line sewing (which is golden!) that you believe the naughty little voice that whispers "curves are too hard."  They're not!  I promise!  Let me hold your hand through this 5-week course which caters to both the beginner and intermediate curves sewist.  Weeks 1-4 we'll cover Basic Curves, Improv Curves, Precise Curves and Advanced Curves with full, detailed photo tutorials and many downloadable templates. Each week you can choose from 3 very different projects for one that really fits your experience and interests.  Week 5 we'll celebrate with full on quilts.  Yes!

Here's a bit more detail on what we'll cover each week with a project preview...

Scallop Bunting Project

Week 1:  Basic Curves - Truly, really basic.  So basic that you beginners are most welcome to join in.  If you've sewn 3 or so projects (of any kind) you should have the basic sewing know-how to get a ton out of this class!  And for those of you that are already comfy with the most simple curved sewing, I do have a "challenge" level project that first week to keep you on your toes. 

Rainbow Road project

Week 2:  Improv Curves - This stuff needn't be hard.  By the time you finish this week I think you'll be seeing a whole new world of curvy possibilities. All three of these projects are super fun to make.  It's going to be hard to choose - you'll see!  Yes, your enthusiasm is building and your confidence is running high so we'll continue on to...

Scallop Quilt project

Week 3:  Precise Curves - Let's tackle them head on.  We'll start off with that curvy classic - the drunkard's path - and then move on to a mod curved block of my own creation.  There's a fancy challenge project this week too.  If you go that route, you'll know you can sew any curve darn well with precision.

Slices mat project

Week 4:  Advanced Curves - Yes, I'm partial to improv piecing. It's really fun and funky and makes for such an original creation.  We'll learn some new techniques this week and what you can and cannot do with improv cutting.  (Because knowing what you cannot do can really save some fabric, let me tell you...) We'll also learn how to draft precise curve patterns so you'll be able to move forward with your own designs.

Week 5:  Curvy Quilts - It's time to create your masterpiece!  The class will include detailed tutorials for two quilt designs, Oodalolly and Wheel Quilt, with links to my free tutorials for finishing your quilt (ie. basting, quilting, binding) at your leisure.


We are modern sewists, and we do so love that sewing machine.  But, actually, there are still beautiful effects that are best realized needle in hand.  There's also something simply delicious and inexplicably relaxing about the slow, steady pace of handwork.  I hope you'll consider joining me for some slow stitching, making beauty stitch by stitch, and developing new skills piece by beautiful piece.

I'm pleased to invite you to a 9-week online class, spanning January 19th through March 19th.   It's 5 weeks of instruction alternating with 4 weeks of "space", allowing you room to enjoy each stitch.  All instruction is delivered via a separate password protected blog that allows you to access the lessons at your leisure, with posts delivered day to day during instruction weeks.

Handstitched class quilt

Handstitched starts at the very beginning discussing needles, knots and threads.  First-time sewists can enjoy one project per week that's designed to be sewing-machine free and super easy.  Each week we'll focus on one category of handwork moving from Reverse Applique through Embroidery, English Paper Piecing, Applique and Hand Quilting with full, detailed photo tutorials and many downloadable templates. Each week you can choose from 3 very different projects for one that really fits your experience and interests.  Because of the variety of projects, this class is suitable for beginners to intermediate sewists. 

Handstitched encore

Quilters will love that each week one of those projects is an installment in a handstitched masterpiece, the Modern Medallion quilt.  This special quilt is best for the intermediate quilter, who has some experience with rotary cutting and piecing.  I don't recommend this as a first quilt, because we'll be using so many techniques and it would become overwhelming.  If you've made 2-3 quilts before, so that you have basic quilting skills, then you'll really enjoy this one!  And, you'll love bringing so many new techniques to your quilting!

Here's a bit more detail on what we'll cover each week with a project preview...

Eyelet Needlebook project

Week 1:  Reverse Applique - Think of applique as a simple way to achieve any shape you desire. With reverse applique, the shape emerges by layering two fabrics and cutting away the top fabric to reveal what's underneath. Much easier to master than patchwork piecing, applique also allows for unbroken backgrounds and unbroken prints with no distracting seams (see the Dogwood Blossom at the center of our class quilt).  I love that!  This week we'll be using felt, knit jersey and quilting cottons for reverse applique.  Projects will cover raw edge and turned-under edge reverse applique.  And, no, it's not needle-turn applique. I'll show you an easier way!

Sashiko coasters project

Week 3:  Embroidery - Throughout the entire class you'll be learning basic skills essential to hand sewing such as which needle to use, what threads to consider, and basic stitches including the back stitch, running stitch, French knot, blanket stitch and whipstitch.  In this week we'll focus on techniques unique to embroidery such as options for transferring patterns, as well as experiment with using embroidery to label quilts.  You'll also be taught some special embroidery stitches such as satin stitch, chain stitch, split stitch, herringbone and eyelet stitch.  Plus, it's your chance to finally try Sashiko embroidery!

 Star Blossom project

Week 5:  English Paper Piecing - Patchwork addicts, like myself, are always charmed by the perfect points and difficult seams made simple by English paper piecing.  This method of patchwork is entirely handstitched with the use of paper printouts that establish perfect geometric shapes.

offset Star Blossomblock

I've designed an original English paper piecing motif, my "Star Blossom", which makes a large hexagon block.  There's also one project that combines this technique with embroidery and applique! Fun, fun.

Loop de doo project

Week 7:  Applique - In "regular" applique, as opposed to reverse applique, the desired shape is layered over a background fabric.  I'll show you how to use fusibles to simplify applique and make it more durable.  In addition to applique with fabrics, the Loop de doo project works with continuous lines.

Loop de doo...

Ok, I'll confess, I'm entirely smitten with this skirt.  You can use this simple technique to embellish any hem (skirt or dress) or even a tablecloth.  Oh, the possibilities!

Modern Medallion quilting

Week 9:  Hand quilting -  Learn all the ropes to hand quilting, from hiding those knots to using a thimble.  I'll be demonstrating all hand quilting with pearl cotton, that chunky, luminous thread that we modern quilters love.  One project is designed to hone neat, even stitches.  Otherwise we'll be experimenting with how to use hand quilting to add beauty or make a strong statement for your quilts or patchwork.

Orange peel hand quilting

::My Class Formats::

All classes are delivered via password protected blogs.  I love this format because with a blog you have access to the class at any time and from anywhere, with an interactive format that allows me to publicly answer questions.  Blog posts go up regularly as the class progresses.  Students are also encouraged to use a free Flickr account to upload photos of their projects to the Stitched in Color flickr group.  This group is a great way to see what others are making, form friendships and ask questions of your fellow students in the discussion threads!

With both Curves and Handstitched, you can choose from 3 class levels:
  • The super affordable Basic Class includes everything you're used to seeing from me in the way of detailed, step-by-step picture-packed tutorials and access to all projects at $35/$45.  
  • The Premium Class adds extra helpful (and time-intensive) features like videos and a PDF eBook of the entire course at $55/$65.  
  • Then there is a smaller, more intimate Camp for folks who want it all, plus lots of interaction, with the give and take encouragement you'd experience in a real in-person class at $85.  Each camp is limited to 20 campers.  We'll enjoy (5) live community chats, each an hour in length, plus a private Flickr group to help us keep up with our works-in-progress.  And, campers who complete 1 project from each week of class within 30 days of the last lesson will receive a little something handmade by me as a souvenir.  I hope I get to make one for each of you!

There is an early registration discount of $10 for Basic and Premium levels, only applicable during the first week of registration (Jan 1st through 7th).  So, plan ahead!

Your access to the class blog will remain open 30 days after the last day of class, during which time I will continue answering questions.  After those 30 days, the blog will be closed and you will no longer be able to login.  This provides much-need motivation for us to get everything we can out of the class in real time, rather than leaving it open ended for "someday."  But remember, if you buy the Premium or Camp versions, you'll have an eBook for your continued reference, so you can still enjoy any projects you missed!


Registration for both class opens on January 1st.

Please choose just one class!  I promise - you wouldn't be able to be active in both classes simultaneously. My classes are chock full with lots of material to make them worth your time and money. 

Curves Class (5 week course) runs January 19th through February 19th.  New material is posted day to day in this class, with weekly themes:  Basic Curves, Improv Curves, Precise Curves, Advanced Curves, Curvy Quilts.

Handstitched Class (9 week course, 5 weeks of instruction) runs January 19th through March 19th.  New material is posted day to day during instruction weeks, which alternate with weeks "off" to work at your stitching.  Weekly themes:  Reverse Applique, Embroidery, English Paper Piecing, Applique, Hand Quilting.

Questions?  Comments?  I hope you'll be making plans to join in!


  1. Those are great classes! Since I bought the ebooks last Christmas maybe I'll finally follow along since I was meaning to do that this year anyway. :)

    1. For those that already own the eBook you can join in by being an active part of the Stitched in Color flickr group. You'll get inspired by seeing others making the same projects in real time, plus you can add your own makes and receive some support from the group! The more the merrier!

  2. I would like to join the Premium Handstitching class - but I'm so forgetful these days that I might forget to sign up, so I'll be looking for reminders in your blog posts.

  3. I'm so excited! I wanted both of these! I bought the eBook for Curves already, but I'd love to get in on the camp of both... Tough decision. Maybe only one camp version will be available when I register and that will decide it for me. ;)

  4. If we can only sign up for one class, can we somehow order the eBook for the other? I notice several people have the eBooks from the original class but I wasn't sure how that worked.

    1. Oh, hadn't thought about that! Yes, I have sold eBooks at limited times in the past. The eBook price is always $55, which is the same as the live Premium level class. If you'd like to own eBooks for both classes, go ahead and register for both live events. You will gain access to both live events and can choose to participate as you like. At the end of the classes, you would then receive complete eBooks for both classes. Hope this makes sense!

  5. oooOOOooo handstitched. Definitely considering it! :)

  6. Yay! I had my fingers crossed for Curves. I see that you'll limit the numbers in camp but will you be capping the numbers for the basic level? Just wondering if I need to stalk to make sure I get in.

    1. Thanks, Paige! Yes, I do cap the total number of students in all my classes to ensure I am not spread to thin to be a good teacher. That said, the entire range of classes will not sell out on the first day. I think the fastest I've sold out was about 48 hours. No need to get up early if you'll be registering for the basic or premium levels =)

  7. I would like to take Handstitched, but will be on vacation for many of those weeks, without time to stitch much. What do you advise?

    1. Oh, darn! Since Handstitched will not be offered again for several years, I do recommend that you sign up and join in as much as you are able. You'll want to purchase a Premium level class so that you'll receive the eBook at class end. With the eBook you can access anything you miss and follow up on projects in process. There are many small projects in the class that would be easily portable, so keep that in mind!

  8. Oh darn!!! I was really hoping for the color class. I'm sure these will both be awesome too.

  9. Hooray! Count me in for the curves class :) So excited!


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