Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome, Gotham Quilts!

Gotham Quilts.  It's a name that stands out, promising a bit of fun, a bit of flash. 

Gotham Quilts is a NYC-based online shop launched this year by two self-proclaimed fabric nerds, Andrea and Ivette.  They met last year at one of Andrea's classes, where - get this - Ivete fell so hard for quilting she finished three quilts during a 6-week class!

What will you find at Gotham?  Designer fabrics, especially by Art Gallery and Freespirit.  Organic fabrics, lots of those.  American made solids, to reduce carbon footprint.  Kits, fabric bundles, basically a whole lot of modern, thoughtful choices.

I like the clean, photo-rich homepage and simple navigation system. You can shop by color...

by organic fabrics and by designer/manufacturer too.  Wherever you go, you can also sort by newness or price or popularity, smart tools.  Critically, you can also "See All" to browse all fabrics, something I tend to do before checking out to make sure I don't miss anything when I'm already paying shipping.

Check out this serene collection in organic fabrics, called Haven by Monaluna! I haven't come across this before.  I always keep an eye out for bold, but simple stripes.  The kitties and birdies are super adorable.  And the floral prints are very Scandinavian, no?  I like.

Wildwood, Gramercy & Everyday Party

Gotham Quilts makes small fabric bundles with just 6-9 pieces.  While whole-collection fat quarter sets are gorgeous, they're typically out of my price range.  I like how Ivette is putting together these little tastes.  Oh, and she mixes fabric collections too! 

Black and White Writing Bundle, case in point.  Choose from fat quarters, half yards or yards for any bundle.

If you follow Gotham Quilt's blog or Facebook page, you'll be up to date on new arrivals and giveaway opportunities.  Just in, Color:Full by Jennifer Sampon.  My favorite pick is this feel-good, sweeping text print in indigo. I know, I know... what's with me and text?

If you're drawn to the modern, urban style of Gotham Quilts, be sure to sign up for their newsletter (form in the footer of the website).  You'll receive a 10% off coupon for your next order!

Thanks to Ivette and Andrea for choosing to sponsor Stitched in Color. We look forward to seeing Gotham Quilts grow!


  1. I also LOVE that indigo text print! Just signed up for their emails. :)

  2. Andrea and Ivete are amazing girls! And they have awesome taste. So it is easy to find great fabrics on her online store. I haven't tried them yet, but the quilt kits are so tempting when you have a last minute gift to make!

  3. I checked out the store and was wondering if they sell bty or just bundles? I like that text print by Jennifer Sampou too! I only saw it in bundles though. Could be my error since I'm only using my phone.

    1. Hi Jamie! Yes, we do sell by the yard. You can always use the search to find something specific, or click the "breadcrumb" links on the product you're looking at to find related things, like everything by the same designer or in the same collection. Here is a link to the whole Color:FULL collection:

  4. I tried to look at this shop, but a pop up locked up my ipad. I try to avoid sites with pop ups. This one will not go on the shopping list.

  5. Love their choice of fabrics, great and speedy service too!


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