Friday, October 31, 2014

do. Good News + Jack-a-lanterns

Breaking news... Are you a quilter for do. Good Stitches?  Please push to finish up those quilt tops and post pictures to our Flickr group.  Heather Grant is selecting finalists for the do. Good Stitches special exhibit at QuiltCon, and she's going to make her last selections on November 15th.  If your quilt is a finalist, I'll contact you to ask you to hold onto it for awhile.  Soon we'll vote to select quilts, from among the finalists, to represent us at QuiltCon.   Even a photo of  quilt top, not yet quilted, can be enough for finalist selection.  So, post those photos!

Also, we'll be Celebrating do. Good soon.  You'll want to have your quilts finished anyways for our year-end celebration!

Jackalanterns, jackalanterns

Boo!  Aria and Liam carve a mighty fine jack-a-lantern.  The more the merrier!   

Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. Rosemary b here:
    We are almost out of candy. I bought 8 bags. We have had some of the cutest costumed candy collectors this year. I might have to start passing out cracker packs. 7:30 and I have a handful of candy left yikes
    These pumpkins looks happy

  2. how cool that do. Good is being featured!

  3. How recent do the finishes have to be?

    1. Hi Carla! If you haven't before posted a picture of your do. Good quilt to the flickr group, please go ahead and do so, even if it is an older finish. If you have already posted it before, then no need to post it now. Thanks.


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