Friday, August 29, 2014

{the Purge} Destash + Links + Prizes

Purge buttonAre you purging along?  Show us your purge progress for another chance to win, this time from Fresh Modern Fabric!

But first, one last purge suggestion... the destash.  With just 2 weeks left until our final purge link-up, I'm motivated to finish my Purge quilt.  I only need 8 more blocks to complete her, making me ready at last to part with my remaining pile of unloved yardage and large scraps.

In quilt-land, the term "destash" refers to a flash-sale fabric event.  Typically one bundles up fabrics to be destashed and posts photos with price notes at places like Instagram, a blog or an Etsy shop.  You'd be surprised how quickly these fabrics often find a new home!  What's tired to your eyes is new and fresh to another.

 Fabric Destash!

I like to bundle my yardage and large scraps into groups by color and style.  Putting same-style fabrics together makes the bundle more appealing to just the right person, than presenting a wild miss-mash of destash fabrics ever would.  If some of your cuts are much larger than others, as in my case, note the large cuts in your bundle description.  Each of my bundles includes a 1/2 yard cut of one print, which I identify so my buyer can realize what she's getting in bulk.

Fabric Destash!

How to price scrappy bundles?  One reasonable approach is to go by bundle weight.  A yard of quilting cotton is likely to weigh about 5 oz.  So, for example, if your bundle weighs 9.8 oz or 11 oz (without packaging), you can describe it as equal to approximately 2 yards of fabric.  This is an excellent way for the shopper to measure the value of your offer.  New fabric is about $10 per yard in the States.  Probably price your bundle less than that, per yard, to increase value.

Fabric Destash!

Today I've listed 5 bundles in my Big Cartel shop.  I'm asking $10 for about 1 1/2 yards of fabric.  If you like, hop on over to take a look!  Updated:  Sorry, they're all sold out now.  If you are destashing too, share a link in the comments below.  Good luck!

{the Purge} Link-up and Prizes

Have you been purging along?  Add a photo that documents your purge progress to enter to win this week's prize.  Maybe you've made some blocks for a purge quilt, sold or donated some fabrics, cut tons of scraps into useable squares - anything that you've done recently to Purge your stash or sewing cupboards counts!  If you're participating in more than one purge effort, feel free to add more than one photo for more chances to win.

Note:  Please do not add photos that you used to enter the previous Purge link-up.  This link-up is for progress you've made since then. Thanks!

This time our prize is sponsored by Fresh Modern Fabric!  This Etsy shop is a great place to find bundles made up entirely of helpful fabrics.  These one-color basics work wonders to increase the versatility of your stash.  Unlike multi-color or novelty prints, helpful fabrics can enhance whatever you have on hand, so that you don't get stuck with hard-to-match, hard-to-use unloved fabrics. 

Alice at Fresh Modern Fabric let me choose 4 great stash-building bundles to be our prize possibilities.  Our winner will get to take home her favorite of the four!  They are:

Fat Quarter Bundle of April Showers Dots (8 pieces)

Half Yard Quilt Blocks Stars (5 pieces)

Half Yard Color Me Happy Ombre (5 pieces)

Fat Quarter Botanics Crosshatch (8 pieces)

Add your photo(s) now through midnight (eastern time) Wednesday, September 3rd to enter to win your favorite bundle.  You may upload a photo directly from your computer, no url necessary, no blog necessary. Click the blue "Add your link" button below the photos to add your photo.  Winners will be contacted by email on Thursday.  International winners will be asked to cover the cost of international shipping. Good luck!


  1. It would be difficult to choose just one of those bundles

  2. You've chosen some fun bundles to choose from...would be a hard choice! Love the idea of de-stashing sales -- helps the one selling and the one buying.

  3. These are great, and I have made lots more progress just this week doing just as you've suggested and selling off unused fabrics and scrap bundles! I won't enter since I won one of the prizes last week, but just wanted you to know your inspiration has really helped me get some long overdue work done in my sewing room, thanks again! :)

    1. So glad to hear it, Kristy! Best of luck on your destash.

  4. Forgot to add my Destash Sale link, here it is....thanks! :)

  5. I followed along with the destash and literally gave hundreds of yards away--most of which ended up with other quilters or charity projects in a number of q guilds. But alas, I do not have a photo as I did not make anything. But I am happy it went to a good home.
    I appreciate your giveaways and I think it is quite alright to ask international folks (I'm from Canada) to pay some of the shipping--it's certainly better than not being able to enter a giveaway--which really makes me see red! Even better would be if non-U.S. participants paid the difference between local and international shipping. I have shopped at this sponsor's store several times and appreciate the fabric selection carried. Very good service as well.
    Rachael--please encourage your sponsors who offer a giveaway to make it convenient for international shoppers to take part. Isn't that what the internet is all about?


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