Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I love this part of the class design process, when I'm finally past the "hump" of getting ready for registration and can start to feed on the enthusiasm of students.  There's been lots of chatter as folks choose fabrics for quilts and sketch out plans.  This time I've provided color sheets for every one of our class quilts.


Look at this capture that turned up in the Stitched in Color flickr group from miss Wendy Rabung.   I wonder, which version of the Emerge star quilt do you favor?  I'm charmed by her use of that dark red diamonds in the left-side version.  And what is cooking with her Starbright stars?  Hmm... looks like she's going to reverse the values so that the stars are light and the background scrappy.  Like!

cutting for Starbright again!

Actually, all this planning for students' Starbright Stars quilts has me hankering for another go at that pattern.  I'm planning to lead my do. Good Stitches circle in a Starbright Star quilt this September.  I indulged in a little scrap cutting this afternoon.  Diamonds and triangles... oh my!

Every time that I begin a new class I am blessed and buoyed by your response.  There are about 15 spots left in Angled class, and then we'll be sold out!  So, if you or a friend were planning on joining us, don't delay.  Class starts on Monday.  See you there!


  1. I bought a Kona card so I can properly plan a Cascade for my mom. Happy excuse. :)

  2. I've colored in my Emerge sheet and my Starbright sheet. Need to get those puppies posted. Reallly excited to start.

  3. so looking forward to this class, I need to start coloring :) I think I'm going with scrappy starbright (I love the idea of inverting the color/background pieces!) and Cascade.

  4. I've made one version of the starbright layout, but I'm seriously considering breaking out AMH stash instead, as much as I would hate cutting into some of her larger prints


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