Thursday, August 14, 2014

simple. pretty.

Deep Breath. We interrupt our regularly scheduled class-prep craziness to bring you...

Up Parasol by Heather Bailey


Up Parasol by Heather Bailey

It's Up Parasol by Heather Bailey from Freespirit fabrics.  I requested some favorites from the collection as soon as I saw the charming sample projects.  Don't you love this Stella print on the cutting mat?  The colors are sweetly cheerful, as Heather tends to be!

Up Parasol by Heather Bailey

I'm thinking to keep it simple, letting these pretty fabrics garner all the attention.  But maybe not this simple?  Dunno. 

My work in progress is to be a quilting sleeping bag for the patient miss Aria, like the one I made Liam once upon a time.  She's only been waiting over two years!  Yep, I do that with sewing plans too.

p.s.  You can find Up Parasol in stock at Fat Quarter Shop, Dragonfly Fabrics, Fabricworm
and in Canada at Mad About Patchwork and Fabric Spot.


  1. Oh so tempting...I'll have to bookmark it for later. What's the sense in a purge if I just fill up on the back end again? I think I have to really get my scraps and unloved fabrics out of the way (or at least into a useful form with a plan) before I add to the stash I like. I have noticed, over the years, that my stash is more things I love and things that go together than things I wish I didn't have. This latest purge project has me getting excited about paring it down. Next stop, open cabinet for fabric storage instead of inside plastic bags (nice ones) in a utility dresser! Seeing things at a glance will be a step up indeed :)

  2. Definitely so pretty. I so want to make a sleeping bag, but I think I'm scared of that super long zipper! And I'd love to make with down but I'm nervous to work with that too!

    1. I sort of cheated with the long zipper, in that I didn't try to hide the inner edge of the zipper. My kiddo doesn't care! You can see what I mean here:

      Anyways, it made the zipper totally painless!

  3. I did a simple varied width strips baby quilt with Lottie Da and really love it. Just mixed in a few white jelly strips periodically and thought it turned out great. Heather doesn't need a lot of help to look great! Very nice choice for the sleeping bag. :)

  4. Hi Rachel. I'm commenting way back here so not everyone sees this. First this is so very pretty. It's so delicate. Second, you're pregnant? That's wonderful. I remember you posting about trying to get pregnant but I somehow missed the news. Congratulations. What an answer to prayer : )
    Bless you and baby


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