Monday, August 25, 2014


Did you have a nice weekend?  The weather was beautiful here on Sunday, with cool, windy hints of autumn.  I kept abandoning my sewing to walk outside, and found myself checking my husband's progress on his outdoor projects instead of tending to mine...

no-binding finish

I did get Aria's sleeping bag sewn and basted.  Thank goodness for the construction notes I documented here when I made Liam's bag.  My brain wasn't up to the task of figuring that all out yesterday.  Basically at this point I'm sewing around the quilt top/back with right sides together.  The batting is basted to the quilt back. 

no-binding finish

After sewing all around, I turned the sleeping bag right side out through this large opening.  Now the batting is inside, still basted to the quilt back.  You can do quilts this way too, if you don't want to finish with binding.  It's definitely not traditional, but it works well especially if you spray baste, as I do. 

no-binding finish

Now that I've edgestitched all around to close the opening and enforce the edges, all that's left on this project is to quilt it and attach the zipper.  My Juki, armed with that walking foot, worked like a boss sewing effortlessly through 6 layers of batting and 2 of layers of fabric at the edges of the sleeping bag base.  I'll definitely keep my walking foot attached for the quilting!  

All my sewing projects lately have been like moving through water.  So much inertia.  Everything feels so. very. slow.  I know I'm not alone in losing motivation for a project midway through.  Last night I was super tempted to just start something new, but I knew I'd really be happier if I managed to push through to a finish on the sleeping bag.

Maybe part of my problem with this project is that the colors are so soft and springy, quite unseasonal.  Or perhaps it's that I'm using a collection, Up Parasol by Heather Bailey, with only the addition of Kona Lime.  It's beautiful and dreamy and Aria loves it, but it doesn't feel like I had much to do with that, you know?

I really enjoy the kind of patchwork that brings together diverse elements as a somehow cohesive whole (or maybe something that's not truly "cohesive" but is pleasing and artful nevertheless).  That's why I love to sew from scraps!  At any rate, I'm going to try really hard to choose a "next" project that lights me up on the inside. 

Wishing that for all of us!




  1. It is hard to stay focused on something indoors when outdoors is so appealing. The sleeping bag does have some beautiful colors, though.

  2. We got a year's worth of rainfall over the weekend...and I got to just sew, headlong! It was wonderful, but the water is rising today!

  3. Good for you for finishing. You can reward yourself with a new start : )

  4. I understand exactly what you are saying! Yay for pushing through and getting to finish for Aria! Sometimes we make things for other's happiness and sometimes it's for ourself.

  5. "I'm using a collection, Up Parasol by Heather Bailey, with only the addition of Kona Lime. It's beautiful and dreamy and Aria loves it, but it doesn't feel like I had much to do with that, you know?"

    I know! I took my current jelly roll project to the LQS open sew last night, and people kept complimenting me on the fabrics, and I had to keep saying "I can't take any credit for that, they all came together."

  6. I'm always attracted to collections but I feel the same way sewing with them now. The worst mistake I ever made was purchasing a kit. As much as I liked the quilt putting it together was no fun. It felt like paint-by-numbers or something. It wasn't my quilt at all. I only paid to assemble it! But since I have purchased a lot of precuts, I am in the position of needing to use them. Mixing in just a few fabrics of my own choice eases the pain and boosts my feeling of having contributed to the project creatively.

    But I know that sleeping bag is going to be beautiful anyway!

    1. I think the biggest thing is to understand what you do like about the process so that you can adapt what you have in the way of supplies to make a project work for you. It's totally ok, of course, to sew all with one collection when that floats your boat (and sometimes it floats mine). But, this time I missed the boat, so to speak. haha. Yes, it will turn out nice. And, like my dad says, no learning is wasted =)

  7. It is the time of year when I want to cocoon in my sewing room, alas Autumn and home preserving are calling :)


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