Friday, July 11, 2014

::Voting:: Unabashedly Yellow

Good afternoon!  It is fairly glowing around here with all your unabashedly yellow mosaics!  Problem is I like yellow so very much that I had about 20 mosaics open during the final narrow-down.  If yours didn't get chosen, it probably should have.  Remember, it's a totally subjective process!  I've selected just 10 finalists, choosing mosaics that spoke to me personally.  Now you'll have to tell us which is your tippy top favorite!

Enjoy perusing these fabric mosaics from Fabric Spot!  I've presented them first at large size, with the name of the artist under each mosaic.  Voting is below with smaller images for reference.  Vote now through midnight (eastern U.S. time) on Sunday, July 13h.   The two winning mosaics with the most votes will be announced on Monday.

Good Luck Everyone!

by Marika O

Pink, Green, and Golden
Pink, Green and Golden by Martha Taylor

Unabashedly Yellow - 1
Charming by Celebrate Color

Unabashedly Yellow - 2
Modern by Celebrate Color

by Nicole H.

Street Scene Mosaic - Unabashedly Yellow
Street Scene by Kimberly Kolb

by Nina with Freckles

Decidedly Warm
by Rachel of Wooden Spoon

Mustard, Violet, and Chestnut
Violet, Mustard and Chestnut by Martha Taylor

Fun with mustard
by Carmen


  1. Ok, that WAS really hard to choose :)

  2. I hope these will be offered for sale to us less gifted fans!!

  3. love grays and yellow but it was a tough choice

  4. I'm in the mood for hot, summer color, so I picked the brightest hues.

  5. that was a tough many gorgeous colour combos. But, I managed to pick one. Good luck to all.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. How to choose- I like them ALL!


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