Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Scrappy Projects

Wondering what small, satisfying projects you can make from scraps?  Looking for a sewing project that's quick, but useful?  The possibilities are surely endless!  Here are some I've made in the past, whether for my home or as gifts. 

Scrap Sewing Projects

Patchwork Journal Covers
Little Strings of Cheer
Quilt-as-you-go Bag
Table Runner
Drawstring Bag
Embellished Towel
Hook or Needle Roll

Click on any image to visit the finished project post for more info, if you like.  With lots of these, I've given some construction details, linked to a tutorial I've used or even made a tutorial myself.  If you feel a little lost, feel free to let me know where a tutorial would be handy (excepting the Rainbow Road Runner, which I cannot release here).  Hopefully this mosaic gets your mind racing with some fresh, new ideas.

Happy scrappin!


  1. Thank you for your journal cover tutorial. I work as an art therapist in a community outpatient mental health program & I've used your tutorial to help our clients make covers for their journals. They loved them! I think it has helped motivate a few to start really writing in their journal.

  2. Love your journal cover tutorial!. It’s a shame we have a completely different paper size system.

  3. I really need new potholders. I think I bought the bias tape awhile ago ... now where is it? :-)

  4. Wow! Thank you for this, the cards are super lovely!

  5. Great post, Rachel. I see a few projects I'd like to make. Scrappy is my middle name, and am always looking for small, functional projects to whip up. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for this. I'm in a few swaps and you've given me some great ideas for my partner xx

  7. That was a fun trip down a stitched in color memory lane.

  8. Thank you for the great ideas. I was thinking of some things to make!

  9. Thanks Rachel: This should be good projects to practice quilting on!


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