Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hexie drawstring pouch

Hexie drawstring bag

I'm happy to hear today that this little drawstring pouch arrived safe and sound with it's recipient! 

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When I finished that hand sewn dress, I was exhilarated at the thought of starting NEW handwork projects.  Hexagons danced in my head, but (thankfully) I had the forsight to reign myself in to a small project instead of a giant hexagon flower quilt or something!


Basting hexagons is fun, fun, fun... but I do get bogged down at the joining stage.  This project only required 3 rows of hexagons front and back.  Once joined and papers removed, I appliqued them to these Essex linen rectangles.

a bit of Hexagon

Ended up handstitching them on with pearl cotton thread.  I hadn't handled pearl cotton in awhile.  Mmmm!

fun lining

Then with the help of Svetlana's tutorial, it all became a pouch in no time.  This is my favorite drawstring pouch style so far.  I think it's a faster sew than others I've tried and I love the way the casing sticks out at the top.  You can use just about anything for the drawstring.  I used some baker's twine - Cute!

(psst... linen still makes me nervous, so I treated the seams with fray-check and did not blunt the corners before turning.) 

a gift for a friend!

Thanks, Ella, for a reason to make!  May this little pouch harbor many of your special creations.




  1. Very pretty! I will check out the tutorial!

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  3. Super cute! I love the drawstring casing too. Great idea!

  4. The pouch is lovely -- as is the unfinished project it's resting on in the first pic. Can you reveal those details yet?! : )

  5. love the addition of hexies. What a fantastic idea.

  6. Really cute. I don't think I will ever tire of hexies.

  7. Love it! Svetlana's tutorials are fantastic - I find that I just have to make each bag that she posts! What size hexies did you use?

    1. These are 1" along each side. My bag is larger than Svetlana's tutorial though. I cut the rectangles 11" x 12".

  8. A super sweet bag! You are such an inspiration.

  9. This is gorgeous, and I just love all the quilty decor in your photos (table topper, calendar, gorgeous curtains)! I need someone to come home-decor make-over at least a small corner of my house for quilty photoshoots! My house is pure kid-craziness :)

    Anyway, back to your pouch! I've been wanting to try hexies EPP, since I've never tried them before. Starting small is a great idea. This turned out beautifully!

  10. Love it! Can't wait to put a project in it and carry it around!

  11. It looks great! Linen makes me a bit nervous as well. Even if no other fabrics are pre washed, I pre wash and dry and press the linen before using it.

  12. Hmmmm I have some hexies that need a home. Just maybe.....
    Thanks for inspiring