Monday, April 28, 2014

this weekend

I'll be real... overall this weekend was pretty lousy.  I had lots of time to myself but didn't feel like doing anything, even sewing.  Eventually I put on my big girl panties and decided to sew anyways.  Out of a passel of available projects, working with my bee blocks sounded the most promising.  And you know what?  It turned out to be bright shiny spot in my day.  I did have fun and I'm eager to get back to it today.  So, before I have a finished quilt top, I figured I should catch you up!

scrappy happy inspiration pull

Remember this fabric pull?  I asked my bee mates at the Love circle of do. Good Stitches to make traditionally pieced blocks of any kind, any size in these sorts of colors. I made a mariner's compass and some tiny plus blocks for my contribution.

Check out some of the blocks I received!

dresden closeup
large dresden by Natalie at Greenleaf Goods

do. good stitches love circle blocks for march
log cabin series by Ara Jane at you know what i love

connemara from Daisy at Ants to Sugar

Bee blocks ready to go! #doGoodStitches #lovecircle #friendshipbraid #crossstitchblock
friendship braid and cross stitch blocks by Deborah of Little Ms Sew-Unsew

Plus many more treasured bits and pieces!

My bee mates really impressed me with the quality and quantity of blocks they contributed.  I think I could make two quilts with these blocks, if I stuck with the "lots of negative space" concept I had imagined. Instead, I decided to tuck the blocks in here and there, creating a pretty dense quilt with so many sweet blocks.  It's turning out to be a really girly, bohemian sort of quilt, and I'm a fan. 

juggling bee blocks!

 Here's a teaser.  More soon!


  1. Well I am certainly sorry to hear you had a bad weekend, and honestly I was there with ya...I had some horrible stomach virus..YUCK! But hopefully we both can look forward to a new week and a fresh start! Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Oh, that's definitely a bad weekend. Glad you're on the mend today. Here's to a better week!

  2. What great blocks! And a lovely way to brighten up your weekend :)

  3. Oh gosh Rachel. Your stuff is always awesome and inspires me.

  4. Loving the colors and small peak at the quilt. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  5. All those gorgeous blocks and the beautiful start to your quilt would brighten any gloomy day! Hope your week is better than your weekend.

  6. Very inspiring blocks and bits and pieces! Great idea for an awesome quilt!

  7. Very awesome block.....could this be a hit for a new class???

  8. I can see how working on this project brightened your day. I think it will be ever!!! :)

  9. You are not alone ;)
    Oh, this quilt is going to be a favorite of mine, I can feel it!

  10. oh, I do hope your week is better and next weekend comes around much better too. :) Prayers your way.

  11. What a fun idea! And you definitely got some gorgeous blocks. Sometimes giving no direction is the best direction you can give :)

  12. This quilt is going to be gorgeous. Love the colours :)

  13. There are some very talented ladies in your bee!! Great blocks!! All this must have brightened up your weekend!

  14. I love the girly, bohemian look that's emerged! I can't wait too see the rest of what you do!!

  15. I'm loving the path of this quilt. Such bright happy colors and I love the bohemian style!


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