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Register for HOMESCHOOL. handmade.

"Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in the wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by.  And that has made all the difference."- Robert Frost

artist unknown

If your road less traveled begins at home, then this lovely April is just the perfect time for you to make a start.  Today registration opens at my pattern shop for HOMESCHOOL handmade at Stitched in Color!  This two-week course will get you acquainted with all your options, while helping you discern the unique path that's all your own.  I wish with all of my heart that your journey is sweet, rewarding and true.  Class begins Monday, April 21st.  And guess what?  You're already ready.

Do you know what made me first consider homeschooling?  A friend.  And over the years I've seen other friends (not all, but several) decide to give this road less traveled a hesitant try.  Not one of them has regretted it.  I absolutely love helping people find their own way - their very own way - on this path, so when a Stitchy friend suggested I write a class, well... I couldn't resist.   It turns out I have really a lot to say!

Like many big life decisions, learning about homeschooling tends to be incredibly overwhelming.  There is so much out there to discover, process, categorize and consider.  I've been in research mode for about 6 years and I can still while away endless hours online learning more.  My goal here is to provide an easy-to-digest course that saves you time and energy, yet still gives you a generous taste of diverse options, so that you can go about the important task of choosing for yourself.

This class is designed for anyone just thinking about homeschooling, wanting to understand it better and visualize how it works.  It's even more ideal if you've decided to homeschool and are kind of starting or Not Starting Yet or turning around in circles, not quite sure if you're starting... or not.  Ha!  Yes, this class is a big sign that says, "please, Start Here".

Start here

And if you've already started and are feeling stalled, then this class is going to help you gain a fresh momentum by looking at all the choices you have.  So often folks start out just buying regular old textbooks to recreate school at home.  Ok, that can work, but is that best for your family?  Is that really the way you want to do it?  And, even if so, are you taking charge to make those resources work for your family or are you feeling a bit trapped?  Time to get some fresh air.

How does class work?  HOMESCHOOL handmade is a two-week course delivered via a private blog interface (check out the screen shot below).  Soon after you purchase your spot ($55 at my shop) you'll receive access by email to the HOMESCHOOL handmade blog.  Class runs April 21st - May 2nd.  Each "school day" I'll be publishing bite-sized posts as well as an audio compilation of the day's lessons, so you can listen or read.  You'll also have homework.  Mmm-hm.  To help you get the most out of class, I have a series of exercises designed to help you get your ideas, questions and "aha" moments onto paper so you can figure this thing out.  At the end of class you'll receive the complete audio file as well as an eBook version of HOMESCHOOL handmade for your personal use.  This course is packed with uber useful links, so you'll want that!  I guess you don't have to take notes...

class Screen shot 

Your access to the blog will remain open throughout the month of May, during which time I will continue answering questions pertaining to the material I'm presenting.  After May the blog will be closed and you will no longer be able to login, but you'll still have the audio file and eBook.  This provides much-needed motivation for us to get everything we can out of the class in real time, rather than leaving it open ended for "someday."

need to talk?

What's covered in HOMESCHOOL handmade?   So glad you asked!  I'm a tidy thinker, so this course is divided into 5 segments.  Some segments are longer than others, but still they're like 5 chapters each with one or more exercise.

We're going to...
- pinpoint your motivations for considering homeschooling
- get to know a bunch of diverse homeschooling styles
- find a match between your unique family and the options
- go through curriculum possibilities for all of the above, including shopping tips
- and finish by tackling common concerns that keep you up at night

 Your Family

Of all the segments, I think Your Family is the most important.  This is where you can refine your vision of all that's possible in the big old world to understand what it would look like in your own home.  Yep, that segment is longer than others! 

At the close of each segment you'll also find a post about My Story as it relates to our focus.  I hope that this vignette of my family's personal journey will add color and context to the entire story.  Plus, it's fun!

HOMESCHOOL handmade.

Homeschooling is not for everyone, but if you're reading this far... it's probably for you.  I'm excited to help you get started with all the stuff you need to make a strong, personalized homeschooling start.  Please do join us at HOMESCHOOL handmade.  I can't wait to see your journey unfold!


  1. I'm confused. Is this about sewing or for homeschooling children?

    1. This is definitely NOT a sewing class! This is a how-to homeschooling class that I wrote last year and am repeating this year by request. Since I blog about my homeschooling from time to time, readers have expressed interest in how to get started. I wrote this class to help folks understand their options and shape a vision for the type of learning environment they can happily sustain.

  2. Will you be offering this class again at another time? I am interested in this, but with a 6 week old little one, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and I'd want to get the most from the class.

    1. Jess, I may offer it again next year in the spring. When I asked readers about the timing for the class earlier this year, several suggested April was a good time. Sorry, I didn't know it would be bad for you. I do think it's good to start this kind of serious thought/work in the spring if you're considering homeschooling in the fall. After you get a clear idea of your motivations and styles and strengths, the next phase - curriculum shopping - can take some time too, so best not to leave it until summer.

    2. Thanks, I do hope you'll offer it again sometime. Your timing makes perfect sense in terms of preparing for fall, just not quite feasible for me personally right now. :)

  3. Love that coffee cup! Was it paper-pieced? And do you have a pattern for it?

    1. Thanks. I designed that cup for my Penny Sampler class last year. It's only sold as part of the class, which may be available again in 2015.

  4. Good luck with your new class. After taking your color intensive class, I have no doubt you will have great success with this. You are a great teacher! Your students are very lucky.

  5. Great offering. We home schooled our two sons from start to finish. Our youngest finished two years ago. The home school landscape moves so much faster today than it did when I started in the mid 90s that I already feel ill-equipped to offer much advice to someone considering a home schooling journey. One piece of advice a can give is that if you are called to school at home, do it! I have known too many regretful moms who ignored their calling. Blessings to you and your class


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