Wednesday, April 23, 2014

freshly stocked

Today I've added some fresh stock to my Etsy Shop.  Happily I do sell quilts here and there when I keep them on Etsy, so today I added some quilts I had been saving for a someday-craft-show.  Probably won't do a craft show again, if Etsy keeps working.  It's just more convenient this way!  I listed...

Shelburne Falls quilt

Improv in Shelburne Falls.  Which tempted me to start another improv quilt.  Temptation which I shall resist at present.

Nursery Versery mini quilt

Nursery Versery Mini.  Surely this level of cuteness belongs with some baby soon.


Raindrops and Sunshine.  A happy, scrappy quilt made for Curves Class encore.

Jade Princess twin quilt

and Jade Princess.  This twin-sized quilt is a favorite of mine, but we don't need it and it's hogging cabinet space.  Off it goes (fingers crossed)!

I also re-posted some stock that didn't sell the first time, now at lower prices.  All of the above links are to posts on the blog about the projects, since I figured some of you may have missed the original posts and would like to learn more about the journey.

If shopping is more your thing, jump over to my Etsy Shop!  And thanks for looking.


  1. Love them all! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I love the nursery versery mini quilt so much! I wasn't following your blog back in 2012 so missed the original post. I have just had a very pleasant time cruising around your website reading the post and looking up the sun block tutorial! Would love to have a go at a 'picture' quilt sometime. Maybe you should do a class ;)

  3. Those are so cute, especially the rainy ones! Although, I like all your quilts.

  4. Argh! I am sorely tempted by the Jade Princess, but I'm also waiting to see if Sarah Schraw sells her petals quilt once it's quilted. Hmm. If no one snatches it up immediately - and I don't know why they wouldn't - maybe I'll be purchasing it in a bit. :) I hadn't seen the other quilts before. Lovely work! Best of luck with the sales.


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