Monday, April 7, 2014

Ethereal Winners!

Ours is a wet, cloudy Monday with lightning and thunder.  The white dogwood blossoms and bright new leaves are dripping, the rain washing away yellow pollen and promising a fresh new tomorrow.  Spring is here!  Anything could happen.

I have exactly THREE new quilts taunting me to begin, with fabrics chosen and a design swinging through my head.   Plus a dress to make and patterns to test.  I wonder what will happen next, sewing-wise?

Over the weekend the votes kept coming on our Ethereal mosaic contest.  It was close, sooooo close that the winner changed in the last few hours!  And the winners are....

And here's the second one!

Mellow + Feminine by Carmen.  Don't you see a rainy spring day? 

Pink warm Pastel

And, Pink Warm Pastel by Teagan Carnes, which promises sunshine and flowers to come!

A big thanks to Lark Cottons who sponsored this contest.  Heather has bundled up 2 ethereal mosaics available in fat quarters now.  Since the contest was so close, you'll have to be in the look out for the Pink Warm Pastel bundle to appear soon, if she has enough of those fabrics. 

As a thank-you for participating, Lark Cottons has a coupon for everyone.  Enter code ethereal on the shopping cart page for 15% off fabric through Wednesday.  Happy Spring!


  1. Yay - congrats to the winners! The bundles are beautiful!

  2. Congrats winner! I'll be glad when flowers start popping open around here. It's a grey and rainy day.

  3. Those mosaics were such a joy to put together -- thank you again, Rachel and Heather! So much ethereal-ity leaping off my computer screen:) And the photo of the actual fabric bundle is just beautiful! I promise to make the lightest, floatiest quilt ever!

  4. Congrats to the winners!! Both are beautiful bundles at the Lark Cottons website! While I was there drooling over these I noticed a bundle made with my mosaic choices, felt like and honorable mention, Thanks Heather!

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  6. Those are both lovely bundles!


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