Tuesday, February 11, 2014

*Inspiration* dresses for girls

The snow is falling here (again!).  South Carolina is not used to snow and ice, so outages are expected anytime.  If you don't hear from me, you'll know why.  Don't worry! 

Despite the chill, I've been itching to sew some pretty spring dresses for my girlie.  She likes to wear dresses every day in warm weather, and especially treasures the few that are handmade.  I'm hoping to sew at least 2 for her this year.  Best take advantage of her appreciation for handmade frocks while I can! 

a little inspiration...

inspiration for Girls Dresses

ONE  Marissa Dress by the Sis Boom team in Happy Land fabrics by Jennifer Paganelli

TWO  Geranium Dress by Delia Creates with yellow linen

THREE  Sweetheart Dress by Very Shannon in fabrics by Amy Butler

FOUR  Custom Dress by Lottie da in fabrics by Amy Butler (could adapt the Geranium  Pattern!)

FIVE  Custom Dress by The Pea Green Boat in stripes

SIX  Ice Cream Dress by Stitched Together in fabrics by Nel Whatmore

mmm... Now to choose just one to start with.  Anyone else sewing for spring?


  1. I saw a version of the Ice Cream Dress (#6) online just the other day that was made with the cutest zebra fabric!

  2. Ooooh, I'm loving #4 and #5! I just ordered an invisible zipper foot on Amazon... I'm going to try my hand at skirts (for me) this spring.

  3. I have all boys and they are not much fun to sew clothing for....maybe I will make myself a summer dress!! Keep warm!!

  4. Yes! The snow fell today in N. Alabama, too, and I have had springy dresses on the brain all week! I finally bought the Geranium and it is calling out to me for reals. I really love that striped number you found, but also *need* to make something out of Catnap by Lizzy House for my 21mo. Then there's Wee Wander about to ship and of course Briar Rose that I still haven't gotten to. How will I ever choose?

    Who knew my life could be so difficult. ;)

  5. i've always loved the oliver and s ice cream dress, but that stripy dress is super adorable. it just screams spring to me.

    also, i love that anna maria horner gave you a shout out on facebook today! go rachel!

  6. I like 2 and 4--BUT think that #3 (backless) is too sexualized for a young girl.
    I am really opposed to some of the girls" fashion I see--belly buttons showing, sequins and glitter along with heels. That's my little rant for today...

  7. I'm up in Greenville SC and we are snowed in too :) I am getting some quilting done, your dresses have me itching to start sewing for my daughter for spring.

  8. I recommend you check out Olabelhe.com. She has fantastic girl dresses!

  9. wow, Rachel, i was so surprised and flattered when I saw you had included one of my dresses amongst your inspiration pieces. thank you.

    i was just thinking of you today as we now only have 10 weeks left of our homeschool year! you were so influential to me and we have been loving our curricula. In fact, today Jude said he would be a little sad to see the year end. how awesome is that! thanks again for all of your help there!

    1. I browsed through your blog to try to find just ONE inspiration piece. I knew there would be many. You do inspire me with all those lovely children's clothes!

      What Jude said is fantastic! What could be better? Congratulations. You were already a fabulous mommy, but I know this year has brought you all together even more. I'm thrilled for you!

  10. Could you please send some snow to central Switzerland, please? It's really springlike here. The new snow shovels from our kids haven't been used once since November.... Love the dress pattern collection. My daughter would love them too.

  11. I just made the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver +S for my little girl and it's gorgeous- not too frilly, just right for everyday wear. I used Shot cotton and Liberty Lawn and it's so nice and soft and light- can't wait for spring/summer. It was -27 here this morning so...uh... yeah... not anytime soon!

  12. I love #3, the sweetheart dress! Do they come in ladies sizes? ;)

  13. Hopefully you'll be warming up soon. I'm leaving from northern Wisconsin for Beaufort in about 4 weeks for a vacation on the beach.


  14. Oh, those contrasting stripes are awesome!


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