Thursday, February 27, 2014

a little Distraction

on my table

Lots on my table today.  Thanks for your well-wishes on that last almost. Mr. Flu has certainly struck, but so far I am fairing well; and, ironically, finding plenty of time to sew as each little one is choosing to hole up in a bedroom.  One is sleeping after a hard night at it and the is other reading away.  (Ms. Aria is trying to stay in a germ-free zone.  Smart.)

cutting scraps

Cutting these background pieces for the Gathering Flowers pattern has been making a tower of green scraps.  Nice green scraps.  Tantalizing green scraps.

making use

I've decided today is a good day for a little distraction, so I'm cutting those scraps into 3" squares.  It's ok if the corners are missing a smidgen.  That'll be tucked into seam allowances.

scrappy distraction

Then I pulled a passle of scraps in light, happy colors.


When Aria came out to indulge in some human interaction, she arranged them in the checkerboard pattern that I'd imagined.  What do you think?

I see green spring love!

p.s.  If your fabric diet needs some greens, check out The bundles at Intrepid Thread!  My greens include Kona Willow, Leprechaun, Clover and Kale, plus Botanics Metallic Foliage Fern, Botanics Stripe Fern and Pearl Bracelet Chard.  See, healthy stuff!


  1. I think your scrap attack is lovely. :)

  2. If you could figure out how to make that into something to wear, I think you'd be pinch-free come March 17! LOL I'm finding some lovely greens in my growing stash these days!!!

  3. I'm in love with all your colors there!

  4. You do such wonderful things with green! It seems to be the hardest color for me to work with. Fell better soon!

  5. love the greens! and I love that you and Aria seem to have the same thought patterns, so cute :)

  6. I love all things postage stamps and this one is gorgeous. The colors are just so happy and bright. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  7. This is reminding me of the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City - gorgeous! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon :)

  8. I've not used any green so far in my long (?) quilting career ( nearly 6 months now). I think I'll make a nice bright spring green quilt next after seeing yours.

  9. Loving all that Green now that Spring is here - all really fresh and bright! This will be gorgeous when you've done it! xCathy p.s. Giveaway at mine?


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